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Eleon Game Studios publishes results of survey and reveals upcoming features.

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

End of last month, we started our "Upcoming Feature Survey" (Empyriononline.com) The participation was incredible - almost 10'000 surveys were submitted. Are you curious about the results? Here we go:

As already mentioned when starting the survey, the results gives us very valuable feedback that will help us prioritizing the different features. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the survey!

So what's up next?
We are planning to release another small patch with bug fixes next week (keep an eye on the experimental branch where will release the new version this weekend). In parallel, we are working hard on the next big update which will include the following features:
- Mining improvements (auto-mining device)
- Better repair options for vessels
- Faction-based discovery of POI / ore deposits (e.g. if a player discovers an ore deposit it will not be visible for everyone anymore)
- Code locks for different blocks (doors, cargo box, fridge, constructor, passenger seats, etc.)
- LCD screens on which you can write your own text
- Light suit armor for player (we are currently laying the foundations for the customization of the player character)
- Ship and structure overview window
- Switch from gamma to linear color space for better visuals (for more information, see:Docs.unity3d.com)
....and much more

Thanks for reading


Empyrion Dev Team

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