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Come check out the project that's been a product of YOUR feedback and support! Continue to support the development of Resonate by playing the newly available v1.0.1a Alpha!

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This is the first iteration of the game "Resonate". After much support and feedback from gamers and indie developers alike, I started development on this project full-time soon after launching the prototype. Numerous bugs have been fixed and all releases have been tested (Mac / Win / Linux).

Resonate v1.0.1a - Gameplay

Resonate v1.0.1a - Mac
Resonate v1.0.1a - Mac

Resonate v1.0.1a - Windows
Resonate v1.0.1a - Windows

Resonate v1.0.1a - Linux
Resonate v1.0.1a - Linux

Fixes Include:
GL Lines not rendering correct colors (Windows & Linux users)
Optimized Ping System (Reduces Lag)
Various Design Changes Throughout Entire Game

Please support the development of this game through participating in our AlphaFunding program through Desura or Upvoting this game on GreenLight! More frequent builds will become available to AlphaFunding members as well as having an integral part in the development process of this game through testing and feedback.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! And of course, thank you so much for your support thus far!

Feedback can be posted through this Google Form!



game soundtrack of the year

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The mere trailer for this game disturbed me. Just watching it practically induced some kind of panic attack. That's curious in it's own right, I've seen some disturbing things in my life.

In any case. I like it, quite a lot. The monotonous, lonely background track. Reminding of being disembodied and mentally "off somewhere else" alongside the building sound around in. Rising, become more and more intense. I almost feel like you intended some form of symbolism with that.

I'll certainly be tracking. Its perfection almost makes me afraid to see it changed, but I'm curious where you'll take it nonetheless.

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thatPhillyDev Author

@medve - a friend of mine does some pretty solid dark ambient music. it fit perfectly during the initial prototyping. I am currently working with him to make more for the full game.

@Acetyl - There is a lot of symbolism within this game. One of the things I really wanted to capture with making this game was the ability of some games to give context and depth as far as the player wants to dig. Classic games like Portal or Braid have deeper lines than intended. The great thing is that the game can be enjoyed outside of digging too deep so for some players its a gameplay treat but if you want to look further or between the lines there is something always to be found. :)

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