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More units have been added, it should take long to reach one hundred playable aircrafts.

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This report contains the changes of the 0.2230 update.

This time, for experimentation, the way this update was uploaded was a little different, the game patch was made available to update before releasing the report.
The next updates will probably follow this trend, so keep your heads up; you may never know that a new update is already available.

Also, after the lengthy update that was the stealth mechanic and f-117 family, it is time for the development to shift back again to the editor. The editor is very important, because it will be used later in the creation of the new campaign.
Because of that, while in this phase, the upcoming updates will consist more in quick to produce variants and addition of small scale mechanics.

That will start with this update; as it adds some new units, a new mechanic for missions and fixes several bugs.

But let’s begin with the aircrafts first:

The su-30MKI, if I recall correctly, I believe it actually one of the fist variants to be requested, that request was not forgotten and here it is.

The Su-30MKI is not as super maneuverable as the su-37, but still very agile none the less and it includes up to date electronics.

Another unit is a new version of the new MiG-21, the Mig-21S.
Actually this version is older than any other variant currently available in the MiG -21 family.
The interest part of this family is that while in some other units it was added the first versions and gradually added more superior versions, with the mig-21 will be added in the reverse order and gradually reach the first version.

The MiG-21S with an agile aircraft, it was weaker avionics only allows it to be reliable only as a fighter.

Note: at the moment the loadout of the MiG-21S is not accurate, it uses some weapons like the r-60 that was only made compatible with later variants.

The last aircraft, a slightly different variant, the CL-282, directly derived from the F-104, but this aircraft is actually the birth of the U-2 family.

The CL-282 is a dedicated high altitude recon unit and the fuselage already resembles the U-2A.

The main interest of adding the CL-282 was to be used in future scripted missions, but because this aircraft is completely unarmed, it may not be that much fun to play with.

In actual gameplay perspective, for now, there isn’t any use for recon units. Some special ability could be added is a special function in the future, but for now there is no clear idea how it will work.
If anyone as any suggestions how it may work and for what it may be used, feel free to suggest like always.
Other possibility is to give stats buff of ground units when a recon unit is present in the area.

But this was all the units added for now, for those who were waiting for the F-16XL, it was not forgotten, but it wasn’t completed in time for this update.

One issue that has been fixed with this update, was the weapons bay texture. Although the textures were effectively in the game folder in the last update, it lacked the update to the material template to make use of them, but with this update everything has been fixed and now work properly.

As for the AI there was some small improvements, it was slightly tweaked the collision avoidance and from now on the AI use some special functions, namely the overdrive mode and NF-104A’s boost.

It is a simple mechanic that consist in allowing the configuration the change of specific values of the unit the that deals damage and the unit that receives damage.
This will help make more varied and interesting mutators and arcade-like missions. With this options is possible to make mission where killing a specific type of target will resupply ammo, while other gives more time or a timed mission.

Later, this mechanic will also used to update some the existing battle scenarios and to create more challenges.

  • Bloody overdrive, developed from the suggestion on the forums, the overdrive ability is the same as the original. But in this mutator, the Sp Fuel is charged as you make kills and deal damage. The sp fuel will not restart if to initial values if you are shot down.

Whether you use this mutator or the original, be prepared from here on to fight AI players that can also use this mode it effectively, so no longer you are the only one with this ability.

  • Vampire mode- this was actually one of the first mutators to has been suggested and ones I was more interest in adding from the start. In this mutator, the Ho drains overtime, and it is recharged by the same amount of damage you deal, so you have to keep fighting if you want to stay alive.

This is a good mutator for the survival mode

  • Resupply with kills- this is for players how usual waste all their ammo in the skirmish battle, this way they don’t have to force be destroyed to resupply ammo.
  • Guns fight- other mutator that has been planed from the start, this combined the directional damage that was added in the last update, makes matches quite engaging

In the last update, while it was announced, it was missed the inclusion of more awards, but this time they are available with this update and it was added even more.
But this is not the end, it will be added much more awards in the future, probably with every update will be added a few of them.

So if anyone have any ideas for more awards feel free to suggest in the forums.

Also, as mentioned in the beginning of the report, this update is already available, so you can try it right away.

  • Added Gain/ give mechanic
  • Added the ability of AI use special functions
  • Fixed various bugs and issues

  • Added SU-30MKI
  • Added MiG-21S
  • Added CL-282
  • Added more mutators
  • Added more awards

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

redout22 - - 21 comments

I think the U-2 could be used for some interesting playable missions.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Keksz - - 1,799 comments

the U-2 could be used for scouting and marking targets for long range cruise missiles in missions

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Katana_ - - 272 comments

I'd love to see the U-2 actually aid against ground combat. Reveal stealthed positions, increase missile range, etc.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Shazer22 - - 295 comments

Id say give the moral boost for ground units for any Electronic warfare aircraft if you plan on any, if not then do it for the recon plane, you could also have it so like in Ace combat 6 where if your in range of an ECM.recon aircraft your missiles have a higher chance to hit/turn faster and or make enemy missiles miss more

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
timeSymmetry Author
timeSymmetry - - 948 comments

For the Recons I’ve thought of these possibilities:

-Support roles have their own buffs and debuffs.
(for example, recon->boost ground tgt detection, Awacs-> boost air tgt detection, Fire control vehicle->boost rate of fire of ground allies, Comand and control vehicle->boost lock speed for ground vehicles, airfield control tower->boost lock speed for air vehicles)

-the recon can request support and out of the map attacks.

-or the recon can data share and sent its own tgt data to a any air squad linked to them

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

The most basic feature I can think of for recon planes is the ability to reveal stealthy units that lasts for specific duration.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
redout22 - - 21 comments

Yes! That would be great! Another alternative would be that maybe the U-2 can only reveal ground units, but the SR-71, when added, can reveal any stealth unit.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Parabellum1994 - - 53 comments

I think that when multiplayer is implemented, having the U2 Dragon Lady, and CL-282 (Maybe some drones in there as well :P) flown by a player could be an interesting tactical mechanic. Say, you have a scenario where you have to provide CAS for/Attack a ground offensive. A player flying a CL-282 or U2 could mark targets with their special ability to allow missiles to lock on quicker, and recieve assist points for helping destroy the enemy vehicles. Have another player provide escort, and you're in business.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

Non-realistic wise, what about giving recon planes ability to possess a squadron of UAVs?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
timeSymmetry Author
timeSymmetry - - 948 comments

Sounds interesting, but would that work?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

Let's just say it works as how squadron/wingmen command usually works.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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