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The doors of the world of Neptune open these doors to you!

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Hello everybody !

The doors of the world of Neptune open these doors to you!
New month and therefore new update that adds a new region to explore, the level of Neptune.

This new environment gives you great freedom of exploration and action in a huge semi-open level. Neptune is the god of oceans, water and horses, the puzzles are logically based on the use of water. I wish you a good adventure!

Also a small important note:
Basically, when the game was designed, each level should be explored only once, after having passed this level, the player should never return to it.
This game mechanic has been changed and the player can now explore the same levels to complete as many times as they wish. This is very useful for achievements for example.


Update note:

- Improved rendering of decals (elements used to modify the appearance of buildings, to old them for example), their appearance is now smoother.

Level :
- Added Neptune level.
- Added Neptune's Hell level.
- Updated the environment of the circle square of the Temple of Pluto. The doors of the different levels have been reworked. Names of different gods and levels have been added along with their statues. The level change areas have also been reworked.

- Significant adjustment to player swimming behavior on the surface and while diving.
- Collisions of the character while diving have been recentered in order to prevent the player from seeing through walls.
- The character moves down and up much faster when he dives.

- Improved the sounds emitted by the player and the horse when it walks on the different materials.

- A major blocking bug has been found and fixed. In the Temple of Pluto level, when the character changes level. The coordinates of the character's location in the next level could be changed from a nearby save point and cause the player to spawn out of the area and thus make the save unusable.

See you next month for the 0.4.09 update!


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