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We've decided to postpone the Early Access release, putting the official release date on 'May 2022'.

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Though the core gameplay is all there and most bugs have been squashed, there's only so much content (3D models, textures, sounds) the two of us can create every week. Disinfection needs quite a lot of assets, especially for the procedural level generator. Since immersion and thus environment is very important we do not want to skimp on this.
There's still too many core assets missing to release the game this week and we'd rather not rush things and sacrifice quality, even for Early Access.

That being said, we are aiming to release by the end of next week. More accurate release date coming when we feel confident we're ready :)

Here's some screenshots of our recent testing session:

20220423154545 1

20220423195642 1

20220423154737 1

And the main lobby is coming along well too, you can just about see a bit of the medbay too:

disinf lobbyWIP6

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