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Release date for Castle Flipper has been announced!

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Rejoice, Castle Flippers!

The day of the big announcement has come!

Watch the newest game trailer to see more of Castle Flipper's polished gameplay.

Now, let's jump to the most important part.

Castle Flipper is coming to PC on…

27 May 2021!

As a way to celebrate the game’s upcoming launch, we have prepared a special Community Challenge!

How does it work?

From today until the release day, we have time to grow our humble community of medieval craftsmen lovers. Depending on the size our Steam community reaches, a corresponding launch discount will be applied.

In short: the more people, the bigger the discount!

Read more about it in our Steam devlog here.

See you on May 27th!

If you’d like to chat with us before that, feel free to join us on Discord!

Best Regards,
Castle Flipper Team


Looks great, well done getting it to release. If you make a sequel, personally, i think it could use more charm/humor/humanity, for a casual game.

- dressing up knights
- visitors to talk with who comment on what you've done (some drunk(falling down the stairs you havent fixed yet), flirtatious(if the castle is nice!), rude(dont agree with what you've done with the place))
- animals to find and keep (horses, rats to clear out, chickens (foxes to fight away), poop to clean up, animals show affection, maybe a dog pet or something)
- making a meal for kings feast (maybe you're a hired renovator for the king?)

So yeah i love it, but more charm, humanity and humor to the concept might be cool in a sequel. I think it would work wonders on a casual game like this. And that said, i think even graphics like Cell Shaded or 2D cartoon (like among us) could wokr really well on a casual game like this, which would really speed up production as well)

just my ideas, game looks great

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PyramidGames Author

Thank you very much! :)

Your suggestions could make a really fun and interesting game! With Castle Flipper's release day just approaching, it's way too early to consider making a "sequel" of sorts, but with time, who knows? At any rate, your ideas would work very well as a standalone game, too!

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