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Since the 1.0 release we’ve been hard at work fixing issues reported by players as well as...

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Since the 1.0 release we’ve been hard at work fixing issues reported by players as well as ones found internally. We’re pleased to announce version 1.1.0 is ready to play, with a slew of improvements and fixes to boot.


  • Boss health bar texture changed
  • Wall fungi are now solid and can be walked on
  • Credits expanded to acknowledge open source libraries
  • Jumping in water without the metamorphomancy ability now paralyses the player as they drown
  • Added copyright notice to the opening of the game
  • Changed the colour of the decals in the bee queen room

Bug fixes

  • Fixed soft-lock issue where it was possible to swim over a door and get stuck behind it
  • Fixed issue where honey pool in the hub scene was sometimes too small, which could block progression via swimming
  • Fixed broken transition between scenes
  • Fixed multiple issues where you could walk around a trigger to transition between scenes
  • Fixed issue where the lighting for the player sometimes would stop working after another light source had been destroyed
  • Fixed issue with bees that got stuck and didn’t do anything
  • Fixed bees that would sometimes spawn in the ground
  • Closed several holes in levels where the player could escape
  • Fixed Z-fighting issues in level geometry
  • Fixed some clipping issues with doors
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the wall would disappear in certain levels
  • The player will no longer sometimes respawn underneath honey pools in levels containing bridges
  • Closed up some areas in levels that were see-through but were supposed to be walls
  • Removed unnecessary logging
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the strong attack animation would loop endlessly after the attack had finished
  • Player movement is no longer jitterey
  • Covered up some gaps in shadows of walls
  • Fixed some areas where the camera would clip through the walls
  • Removed some objects that were floating in the middle of the black walls
  • Moved decals that were stuck in the wall
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