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More rooms, animation updates, interior selectable and much more.

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Release Video

Factory Room

A new Room has been added to create tools by the player itself. A new 3D Printer can now print out tools so there is no longer need for the supply from earth. For now, it just needs Steel, later i might add some more rare materials.

To complete the resource cycles, i also added a Smelting, to convert the Garbage Iron to Steel. This might also just temporary, maybe more things will be added in between later on.

Converted more Buildings to Interior

The process of the conversion from the old buildings to the new Interior has been continued, so the chemical buildings are now also converted.

Modular Buildings

The Basic Buildings to drop interior in has been updated to a more modular approach. So they are created out of several reusable peaces. For this iteration, they are not changable by the player and always the same for the basic buidlings, but its prepared for a more dynamic approach, where each dropped building could look different or even that the player can configure them completely free :)

Selectable Interior

The new System allowed it to create several works in one building. To get a better overview for the player, i made the interior also selectable like buildings and Persons. For now, it just shows the related work, but in future, i will add more useful things to it.

Different Storage types

The current storage could take 3 boxes and needed 2 tiles space. To make it more flexible, i readded the small box stoarge as an interior. Its just using 1 tile space and cost half of the resources.

Custom Templates

The Templates can be now created and deleted by the player. For customized buildings, there will be a button in the building details to create it.

Better Person Animations

Persons are now idle randomly moving around the station when idling. They also switch between the interior when working on them. The interior lights are now also react on the working persons on them.

Seal Button WorldElements

To make the seal buttons more convenient, i moved them to to the doors as World Elements. They are just moved to the place, where the door is rendered, so its way more intuitive what button will close what door. I also fixed the delay there, so its now instant following the camera.

New Icons

I created more Icons and added layered Icons, that are also capable to render in 3D. A usage e.g. is for works, with combined icons like recycle water or recycle iron. Till now, i needed to create for each one an individual new model and add it to my icon generator. Now i can reuse the basic icons, to just setup a custom icon. It can be also used for the scene-overlays, so the calculation done in the UI is also done in 3D with the models to build up a similar look. I also updated the icon-camera, so its a less 3d effect, turns into more clear and larger icons.

Live update Language changes

To make the community translation process faster, i added a live update feature. When the file is changed outside of the game, the game detects that and updates most of the text direct, without any need of reload.

Person Icons

The person icons are now created from the actual generated models, so it feels, the player got more closer to the persons, they are not so anonymous anymore. They are used everywhere in the game now.

Other smaller changes

  • Fixed Popups could appear through blocked panels
  • Fixed general 1 frame delay for the UI
  • Fixed delay of world-elements (e.g. interior panels above the models)
  • Fixed maximum height of buildings with a lot of activities.
  • Emissions of Interior is now related to the Work
  • Working lights of Interior works same as emissions
  • Fixed Animation Path of Dock Module
  • Not executing shortcuts, when focus in on a text field
  • Stop interior drop when closing the panel or cancel the work
  • Persons start work-animation instant instead of waiting for end of idle animation
  • Hide Section Panel, when no other details are shown
  • Fixed not showing a problem when the water tubes are empty
  • Added an Event for water pipe empty and explain the problem (Thanks to gus)
  • Removed interactive part of the help (outdated)
  • Support more than 4 holes cut in the floors of buildings (e.g. for storage)
  • Move Resource Boxes move always to the lowest position
  • Closing Build menu keep starts walkway (due to search blur)
  • Fixed exception when person walking somewhere and updating in a rare case. (Thanks CadetKael for report)
  • Gather up Exceptions when save games are broken (or in too old version), so still debuggable
  • Improved zoom close for Inside camera

Wishlist now

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