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Big Update with a Building customizer and much more.

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Release Video

Updates in this Iteration

This iteration tooks a bit longer than usual, but its a very big think added, causing a lot in the game and tests to change. Hope you enjoy it and tell us if you like it :) I was also able to fix a unity bug, causing the simulation not run with burst (so x20 slower), but a sad news for MAC users: For Mac i couldn't fix it. I hope unity will fix this issue soon.

Interior placement

The player can now customize the interior of a building and setup the work. It will now effect the efficiency and speed of a building and the maximum number of workers or users.


Some of the buildings were migrated to templates for the basic buildings, so when placing a construction room, there are some default buildings. Later the player can also create custom templates.

Game Sceen Ui Overlay

To show the details of the placed interior, the ui panels can now stick to the gamescene camera. This is also used for seal icons of the doors, and maybe later also for more details of the buildings or storages.

Partial Resources

To make the interior also cost some reasonable amount of resources, its now possible to have partial building resources. The boxes are automaticly split to the correct size and transfered. Merge two boxes will come in the next iteration.

New Planning Shader

To make the planning look more clean and nicer, i polished my old shader from the start of the game development two years ago. Its just rendering the model as a wire frame. The rendering logic is also changed, so there are no more overlapping renderings so it looks way nicer.

Other smaller changes

  • A lot of UI Fixes (thanks to Ichao)
  • Fixed wrong display of building mass
  • Fixed Selection in high zoom levels have a small offset
  • Moved the walking area to height 0 (from 1m)
  • Fix update of customer slots in UI
  • Improved FastForward and Assign Buttons in Person (thanks to Gideon_Medic)
  • Better visual separation of Building Parts (Thanks to Gideon_Medic)
  • Prevent Walkway to be rotated wrong with r key
  • Added Rotation with Middle MouseKey to Building Planning
  • Enabled Burst mode for Simulation again (was broken after a unity update)
  • Fixed section-details-headline was not shown after loading
  • Fixed problem with search field getting back the focus
  • Inflatable Walls have no longer unrealistic openings

Wishlist now

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