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Post news RSS Release 0.60.0 - Moon Missions

Moon missions, a lot ui improvements and bugfixes.

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Release Video

Updates in this Iteration

Shuttle bay

A new building to do the moon missions is added. In the Shuttlebay, there is space for 1 shuttle.

Moon Missions

With that new Building its possible to start Moon Missions. For now, there is just 1 mission, but i prepared already to add different Missions with player the option for the player to choose the amount of resource to give, to increase the output or probabilities later.
What is needed is the crew. Its separated from Building Workers, so when starting a mission, workers from other buildings can be choosen.

Container User sorting

Group the Producers and Consumers in the Overview of the Container Users even if they have 0 usage. Also it could happen, that the view was showing duplicate values (Thanks to Melodie for report)

Improved Ship Resource

To make it easier to see that a resource of a building belongs to the ship (like energy or air-values) i added the ship icon in front.

Make Unit deltas better readable

Before it was using the time to make it readable. Due to its not really comparable i changed it to the weight value. E.g. before it was 20kg/d and 0.1kg/y. Now its more like 3g/d and 2kg/d.

New single storage

Till now, there was just internal storage with 3 boxes. In the Shuttle Bay, this would be very much, so i changed it to 1. I added a generic one to be used in new buildings. I also think i will change some existing buildings to that single storage, e.g. for water boxes, that holds very long.

Other smaller changes

  • Fixed endless update loop in special case of simulation (Thanks for report Hokay)
  • Fixed Exception when Person dies and still in the Metabolism Stopped Panel (Thanks for report Hokay)
  • Fixed Filter of storage in special cases (Thanks to Melodie and Hokay for report)
  • Fixed wrong priorities for Maintenance Modules (Thanks to Melodie for report)
  • Fixed not stopping instant to live mode on space bar in special cases
  • Added 120fps to fps options (Thanks to Melodie for the hint)
  • MassBalancer is not able to be a construction storage (Thanks to Hokay for report)
  • Fixed color of gas-resources in the model (Thanks to Melodie for report)
  • Fixed Exception when Dismantle a maintained building
  • Fixed Problem where Condition can get negative
  • Fixed MassArea was not shown after games loaded
  • Fixed Ship was not spinning anymore
  • Fixed problem that people not eating anymore when the water was filled (thanks to Melodie and Hokay)
  • Fixed select the building when clicking on the building in the chooseWorker Panel
  • Warn the player when he want to increase game speed very high in tutorial

Wishlist now

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