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New Release was published. - Highscore - Bigger Font-Size - Linux and Mac Support - Better Choosing Text - End screen

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Release Video

Updates in this Iteration


A highscore system has been added. The #1 rank of each version will be always visible for the next iterations. Each iteration, the highscore will be separate, due to balancing and other changes.
When all win-achievements are done by the player, a victory screen will be shown with an submit button for the highscore. If this is done also a nice screenshot will be created and automatically posted by the discord bot.

The highscore is available in the mainmenu and on Genship.scifanstudios.com#highscore

Bigger Font-Size

After some feedback, that the font size is very small on small laptops, i increased the font size from unities default 12 to 16. It needed also some relayouting in some parts.

  • New TimeArea with better sorted SkipButtons
  • Moved the Resourceboxes down to have more space

Linux and Mac Support

I added builds for Linux and Mac to the release process

Choosing Text

A text is now shown, when trying to choose something. This makes it more clear, what will happen and get more feedback than just the highlighting.

End screen

To get more feedback to the game, i added a "game end page" shown, when the game is stopped. I tried to build it as less annoying as possible, due to the player wants to stop the game. Its also poping up with Alt+F4, but another Alt+F4 can close it. the player can enter a free text and send it. Its stored anonymous on the server and our bot is posting it in a developer-only discord channel.

Other smaller changes

  • Refactored the main game UI to new Architecture
  • Hide dismantle storages, when empty, to not confuse players
  • Removed building-highlight when its dismantled (while deflating walls)
  • Fixed size of Infrastructure Module, to not be visible through the inflating walls
  • Added a Quit Scene to ask for feedback
  • Fixed issues with the double-confirm-button could not work reliable when the text is too big
  • Be more error-tollerant on some special cases
  • Improved Tooltips, so they not overflowing and automatic open in the best direction
  • Gridstructure is missing Problem is removed, due to its auto dropped anyway now.
  • Airvalues refresh now better
  • A lot of UI improvements
  • Bugfixes related to the Resource-Users
  • Make SaveGame Problems more error-tollerant
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