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This is another bugfix releases, polishing up minor bugs and introducing minor features.

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Triple Diamonds (0.258.16) is a bugfix release.

Bugs fixed and minor changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash in Upgrade and Tuning menu on Enceladus.
  • Improved precision of collision detection, which should prevent small object from phasing through hulls.
  • Improved performance of asteroid fracture.
  • Cargo display on Eagle Prospector is now easier to read.
  • Improved performance of ship dealer menu.
  • Eagle Prospector computer boot animation now shows again.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • When your HUD size was increased, dive summary screen was pixelated.
  • Improved Enceladus performance after return with a large haul.

Hard Burn (0.259.0) is another bugfix release, polishing up minor bugs and introducing minor features.


  • Engaging autopilot won't slow you down anymore if you are flying above it's limit. This enables you to use autopilots subsystems (targeting, stoping rotation) when doing fast burns.
  • Adjusted lighting and performance in Dealer menu.
  • Grinders of Eagle Prospectors in Dealer menu won't detach and drift away anymore.
  • Burning fuel lines of a space station will not stop burning if you move camera away.
  • Geologist and Astrogator HUD markers were shaking if you traveled at high velocity.
  • Prices markers on Mineral Market for min and max prices won't go off-screen anymore.
  • Used ship prices now include price of retrofitted HUD, autopilot and recon drone.
  • Adjusted ship dealer prices to prevent potential abuse to gain money quickly.
  • When hiring a crew member that you fired some months ago, he won't ask for salary for all the months he was unemployed.
  • You can now select colorblind options with keyboard and gamepad.
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