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I've spent the last few days completely redoing the title screen and stage selection screens from scratch. And they came out great!! Check them out!

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Hello again.

It's been a while since my last article, but I've finally had the time to catch up on some work and get things rolling again. Life events, namely getting a job, has slowed things a bit. But I'm making progress, nonetheless. xD So I have several news updates to list off. A lot of things have built up.

Ok, first off, we have a new member on our team. Meet, @meinerzm, our new sound artist. He's really good with designing music and sound effects and has been doing so for over six years now. He is also the one who made the ambient audio loop for the title screen, which has really helped bring it together. So everyone please give him a nice, warm welcome. :)

Next, I've also been working towards a reworking of the bonus round. The old design forced you to collect a small set of pre-placed coins on the field within the time limit. This is not a hugely awesome system, and frankly rather boring. So I tried to redo it pushing more emphasis on keeping the player moving and running back and forth constantly. I actually posted a video for the new bonus round system sometime last week to show it off but neglected to write an article on it for some reason. But you can see the new bonus round in action in the video below which shows off the new title screen design.

That brings me to my last point of news. the new title screen! I've been working on it for several days now, and with the addition of the new ambient loop, feels very complete. I've decided to aim for a glass-like feel due to the nature of the game. It also required very little drawing abilities, which was a plus for me. (I can't draw. xD) So overall, much success. After redoing it, it really dwarfed the rest of the in-game user interface, so I will be going back in later to update that part. I also plan on adding subtle sound effects for the button clicks and sliders but have not done that yet. You can check it out below. Please tell me what you think, and what I need to change to make it perfect. :)

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