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A bit of a summary of our Development Plan and what it all means!

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We tweeted this a while ago, back when we were seeing if the idea of a development plan up on our website would be a good idea or not. I’m happy to say that so far, everyone has really enjoyed seeing where the current development of Recruits is up to in an easy to read list.

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, go check it out now, you can find on the front page of our Main Website – Recruitsgame.com

Now is the time to give you a rundown of the plan and explain so of the parts that might need explaining. Remember you can talk about this plan or ask us questions over at our Forums – Forums.recruitsgame.com


Basically, we have split up the game into these main categories. We tried to cover as many of the items that we are making for Recruits as possible. Click on a category to show a list and description of what will end up being in Recruits as we develop further. We might be missing a few things here and there but these are the main and most important items to us, and it’s based off of our main development document.


Each item in this list has been picked to best summarize the main features of its category.


The progress bar shows what stage of development we are at for each item. This was you can easily see what were have and have not worked much on over the course of Recruits.

A quick rundown of the stages:
Prototype: Here we are in the planning stages and working on mocking up ideas and testing them before we add them to the main game. We might release items in the prototype stage if we need to hash out some other ideas or anything like that.
Alpha: In Alpha, we have finished our prototype and approved our ideas and added it to the main game. It might not have all the artwork or be 100% functional but the idea is there to play with.
Beta: This is where we take the alpha items a step further. Usually Beta items have close to complete art and code and are almost complete. There might be some tweaking and changes but it’s close to being 100% done.
Complete: If we get all the progress bars to here… We will finally be happy.

There it is, enjoy the Development plan, and as we update it we hope you like seeing how we progress and where we are up to with the game!

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Thanks for your support!
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Thats a really neat plan! I like, I like.

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