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Another large map that alters perception & perspective of the playground as plastic soldiers attack, vehicles whiz past and balls bounce around the place...

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Yes the Recreation Center is starting to take shape. It gives a whole new perspective on size as you take on the unwanted in an attempt to reach their base in the pirate's den ...

With vehicles, construction workers and an attacking force helped by the plastic soldiers, this map will be not stop action ... Oh, and don't forget the balls, they do bounce and balls that fall from height, well they can kill.

The Playground

The Recreation Center

Vyolette13 - - 225 comments

I love the outside, it really does put things into a different perspective. The only problem as I can see now is the large amount of balls EVERYWHERE + the play areas look too...uniform. All the play sets are facing inward (into the pathway), I suggest some stools or little reading areas with bookshelves and the like. Also a front desk area would be nice with a "kiddie" door to block the toys. I love the idea!

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Vyolette13 - - 225 comments

Also to note is that the lights are lit up but don't project enough light (the supervisors need to SEE the kids to take care of them after all), but if the place is closed then the lights shouldn't be on at all! Lastly the carpeting, the place should have carpeting, not carpets. Kids around the size being projected here (size of the fence and the play-sets) have a tendency to fall over and having a wooden floor in there would be bad. Having detailing on the carpeting would really liven the place up a bit (For example: A "racetrack" strip carpet in one bit and some lively patterns on the main ground covering area)

I hope I don't sound too nitpicky I really do like it so far! Keep up the good work!

p.s. Posters would be a GREAT addition to liven up the walls!

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YummyVegetables Author
YummyVegetables - - 30 comments

Nah not nitpicky, good constructive feedback.

The images don't really show it but the walls have appropriate wallpaper for the setting.

The map was designed from my local center, the floors are hard with use of mats to stop falls (helps in cleaning apparently). Yep, could probably do with a few more mats, there are quite a few already on the ground.

Also you can't see some of the other play pens, the type that are caged with lots of smaller plastic balls.

Lighting am still tweaking, the ambiance of the map looks better dim as opposed to fully lit, but yeah the lights probably should be switched off or replaced with lights that dim.

Hmmm books ... agree.

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