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Check out our latest teaser along with a few screenshots!

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We've been hard at work finishing up our latest teaser. So without further delay, here it is!

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Snashky_Nilidus - - 337 comments

the graphics look way better than some AAA games

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Spe¢ter - - 1,482 comments

The devs aren't getting 60 fps either...

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Snashky_Nilidus - - 337 comments

maybe, because its in alpha stage?

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kiririn51 - - 14 comments

Looking good! I have to say, this really caught my interest, mostly by the setting. Music could have been used a tad better but great overall, tracking this.

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Guys, support this game by adding to their Kickstarter! It's really important they meet their goals and for some reason they don't advertise the Kickststarter very well.

If we all chip in, we can still save this game in the few days remaining and give some developers who really deserve it the credit to continue their amazing work!


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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

This looks great, it's a shame the kickstarter isn't being pushed enough. You guys are super talented but just let down with no marketing guy.

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Lopper - - 1,559 comments

How does that car even work? lol

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MindRiot - - 1,843 comments

My guess is its cosmetic damage mainly :D

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CadianConscript - - 3,116 comments

It's Lada. Ladas always work =)

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hollo0w - - 104 comments

Realy nice car physics we have here, but music is kinda strange:d

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Greez - - 7 comments

Music written by Nihad and it keeps mystical game's atmosphere. Just check other videos, I'm sure that you can hear similar chords. I like it.
Regarding car physics: it is nice that car skidding sometimes and inside lighting is awesome (at 1:10), but strange shape of wheels (at 0:20) gives a sense of the wrong deformation. Maybe it's because the alpha ingame graphics, and probably will be fixed by devs. Anyway it would be logical if the wheels stays round.
Perhaps developers should add bouncing for the car on the off road?
Regarding lightning in the antenna: maybe it should strike in the top of antenna and then lightning should continue to move down?
All comments are with deep respect to devs and their work.

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Alternative_Gaming - - 34 comments

So waiting for this game! I have one advice - make it as realistic and as hardcore as possible.

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AccessGranted - - 80 comments

Looks sexy! =) your such a tease lol.

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