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First Teaser video for Raiding Zone in 3D. All characters have voxel models and the particle effects are in 3D.

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Raiding Zone in 3D

I gathered a lot of critics and advice for my game. I concluded that I could not market my game as a 2D-TopDown game. It’s not appealing enough to gather any audience.
So this is my first teaser for the 3D-Version.

The level in the video is the only playable right now. It has all features that are present on other levels. The server calculates the map in 2D, but all textures and effects are now in 3D.

My plan for the oncoming weeks is pretty simple. I will create a bunch of voxel models and rework the remaining 2D-Effects.

After finishing, I will release the new 3D version. In the meantime, you can still play the 2D variant.

I use MagicaVoxel for creating my voxel art. The tool is pretty simple and effective.

To import it into Unity, I used the MagicaVoxel-Toolbox.

The toolbox is cheap for the number of things you can do with it.

I also omitted the Lobby-Level. The default screens now show your equipment.


I’m still searching for motivated people to develop the game with me. Particularly I’m interested in people with experience in voxel graphics or particle effects. I would be more than glad to share my profits with anyone who can contribute.

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