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Just wanted everyone to know that I'm not dead. lol

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Hello everyone! As you've probably noticed, I haven't been posting progress updates lately, but for many reasons. Mostly because I've been working on the PC version of my game engine, and trying to get a test build installed on some of my testers PSC devices. So hopefully, it'll launch correctly on their devices soon (installs, but gets an error on launch) . And as for deferred rendering, I've decided that for the sake of performance, it'll be disabled on the PSM version of the game until MRT is supported. MRT will allow me to render geometry once which will really increase the performance where as the current state of the deferred renderer has to render the scene three times which is really not so efficient. The PC version of the engine is coming out good. It is being rewritten in C++ right now, that way, it'll be easier to port over to next-gen consoles if I ever develop for one. Anyways, I just wanted everyone to know that I'm still here! lol Progress Update 5 probably coming in the next few weeks. Thanks! :)

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