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We summarize our last Q&A stream! Questions like when is the release will be answered here!

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Hello everyone! Our last Q&A stream on Twitch was a really fun! The video did not get saved sadly, so we could not upload it on youtube. If you missed the stream or wanted to rewatch the video, this is sucks of course.

For that reason we wrote the answers in text, so you can at least read about the stuff we talked.

About game development/release

!whenisrelease? (marlon)

Ahh here we are again. The question that haunts our dreams. We aim for a an early access release in Q1/maybe Q2 of 2021 on Steam (only for windows PC). It is always tough to predict the future though.

How do you want to monetize the game? (Umberto Bjorn)

It's likely we're having a pay to enter cost as most games have. This might change in the far future should there be a great playerbase and we might swap to a free-to-play system with the option to buy card packs or cosmetics with real money.

Why did you pause the development? (marlon)

We are developing this in our freetime which was very sparce recently. bearmacub Expect more dev updates soon though!

What made you decide to make a card game themed around monster taming? (Bloba)

We have a long history of liking pokemon games and in michiils case cardgames a lot. At the beginning ,our cardgame idea also seemed simple enough for a first try of developing a game together for the first time (spoiler alert: it's really complex)(Bearbeitet)

About gameplay/mechanics/features

Is there going to be a “career” mode or campaign? (originalusername)

Sadly no / unlikely. But that would be really cool for sure. Right now people would pay for a pure PvP(vE) battle experience. No story, just !attafcking! A campaign would make the Ploxmons experience more fun and attractive especially for monster tamer fans. This could be a great Kickstarter goal. Let's hope we get a big community to make this happen :P

Will you include a way to fight against friends? (marlon)

This is already implemented :) You can create custom games and invite your friends.

Will you have a ranked mode? (Umberto Bjorn)

Already implemented. You can rank in Vs Player Queue as you would expect AND Vs Bots Queue. So two rank modes actually. Btw our ranked seasons are really short: 3 weeks. You get small rewards after each week and a bigger reward after each season (after 3 weeks). Considering we have two ranked modes, this should be highly rewarding (for each rank mode you get rewards).

How many ranks would you want to have in the game? (marlon)

Already implemented. 1) Bronze 2) Silver 3) Gold 4) Platinum 5) Diamond 6) ???? find out yourself ;)
There is also "unranked" if that counts.


Is there a feature which you would want to implement but can't for some reason and what would the feature be? (Marlon)

As mentioned before: Solo campaign mode. Also perhaps something with guilds which was an Idea waaaay back.

What are your expectations on how balanced the game will be? (Marlon)

Pretty balanced probably. For four reasons (1) Our tribute mechanic (a way to manipulate the boss to attack your or the other players team) rewards you for playing monster with the weakest stats as well as strongest stats. Plus, mons with middle stats tend to have the best abilities (see picture below). (2) No card is like the other, each Ploxmon is unique. So there is no strictly worse/better version of a card. (3) Lots of playtesting was done. (4) You never know what bosses will spawn to mess up your "perfect" strategy. Remember it is PvPvE, not PvP.

shell pyro draco

Will there be something like a legendary for example as really rare card? (marlon)

Lorewise we have a few Mons you can consider legendary but in the game they are "just" very rare cards. (We have common, rare, and very rare cards, as shown in the picture above.)

About the Ploxmons Team

How did Kylro and Michiil meet? (Sirc)

At an esports community meeting at our university. From there we got to know eachother by playing League of Legends together. Kylro is a filthy Illaoi/Lux/Zoey main, can you believe that? #nostalgia ;(

Michiil how/when did you start drawing ? (Marlon)

I always did that from a very young age. It just was fun for me, not as fun as today though haha. Digital drawing is fairly new to me though and pretty difficult but I think I improved a bit :)

What is your favorite Ploxmon/Pokemon everyone? (Bloba, Michiil)

Michiil: Draconyx, Cowleaf, Zigzax | Kylro: Aimsteed<3, Zigzax | Chey: Kiko, Brocolamb | Akira: Angrycorn

Michiil: Accelgor | Kylro: Kingdra | Chey: Eevee, Mimikyu | Akira: Eevee & its evolutions

What are the roles of all the staff members (marlon)

In short -> Michiil: Artworks / UI design, coming up with battle mechanics & abilities, social media | Kylro: Coding game client, server and PloxBot, visual effects, coming up with features | Chey & Akira: community managers, assisting on social media, brainstorming with the devs.

Can we see Michiil's dinosaur collection? (marlon)

Sure, though they are quite dusty haha.


About PloxBot

How did you guys get the idea for PloxBot?

We wanted something cool for the fans to spend some time on while waiting for the actual game release. We liked the idea of having a monster catching theme for the bot, too (since that is not really present in the Ploxmons Cardgame).

Will you add new mons to the ploxbot discord game? (Bloba)

Yes. Expect about 8 more until release.

Kylro what was your biggest problem with the development of the Ploxbot? (marlon)

Trying to prevent Akira from abusing the system!!!!!!!!!!!!! banakira

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