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We're working on RC4 of P.U.R.E., and we'd like to announce that we've built a major new feature for the Spring game engine- a working, easy-to-use WSIWYG level editor!

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RC4 Progress Update

RC4 will have some pretty unique features added to it, along with bugfixes, interface improvements, and balance changes. We're building a level editor for the Spring game engine- a first for the engine- and it's already working and easy to use!

We're still working on making more content for it, so that level designers can make the map of their dreams for this game engine, but we expect that when RC4 is released, we'll have enough content available for people to do their own level designs, just like any major game engine.

Here are some screenshots. The first shows the World Builder level editor in action, the rest of the shots show the levels of detail that level designers will be able to make- not in hours or days, but mere minutes:

bomblol - - 297 comments

I love mushrooms. the aesthetics, the taste, the effect... :D

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Arkanj3l - - 174 comments

But I just finished downloading RC3! :p

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Dra6o0n - - 534 comments

Great for making a scenario map, especially if you want bots to attack a main base while everyone controls and builds their own defences in the base.

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Frankie3211 - - 1 comments

Hi, is there an AI that works with PURE?

I'd like to play a skirmish against an AI opponent, to learn the game.

Also, my brother and I would like to practice as a team against two AI opponents in a team.

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