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Hello everyone! We are delighted to inform that the free Prologue is now available! We are also happy to announce the release date of final version of the game!

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Hello dear IndieDB users!

It has been a while since we have last posted an article with dev blog here. However, now we are here with some hot news in a form of dev blog!

We are delighted to inform that the free Prologue is now available on Steam! And we are also happy to announce that the full version of the game will be out on November 11, 2021! So once again we would like to invite you to visit our Steam page and add the game to your Steam Wishlist (If you didn't do it yet)!

Here is the link to the Steam page where you can download and play Punk Wars: Prologue for free: Store.steampowered.com

Punk Wars: Prologue will give you a taste of the full version of the game. Become the powerful leader of the Steampunk faction and defeat the Dieselpunk corporation before you run out of turns! Explore the ruins of a bygone civilization, where resources are scarce and the dangers way too common. Develop your infrastructure and technology that will secure your triumph. Create a winning strategy and a playstyle for your faction, utilising its own distinctive skills and units.

Also make sure to share your feedback and thoughts on the game in the Community section of the Steam page. We are really interested in your thoughts about the game! Thank you very much, and see you on the Wastelands!

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