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Hello everyone! The new dev blog is here and this time it's a bit more traditional as once again we would like to present you some of the units you will find in the universe of PUNK WARS!

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New dev blog also features the Gyrocopter which we have previewed in our previous article, but now you can see its final incarnation :). So here's what we have prepared for you for today:

Atomic Elite (Atompunk)

A powerful, heavily armored soldier equipped with a miniature version of rayguns. Much like their bigger cousins, they can shoot destructive and beneficial laser beams. Additionally, AE's armor is equipped with a special barrier that can prevent them from taking damage.

Special skills:

  • Disintegrate: Shoot the long-range laser cannon. It deals massive damage to everything on its path, but the unit will skip the next turn to rebuild its energy levels.
  • Integration: Shoot the healing ray of the long-range laser cannon. It heals everything on its path, but the unit will skip the next turn to rebuild its energy levels.
  • Barrier: Deploy a powerful barrier that will protect the unit for one turn, but it will also prevent them from being able to attack.

"The Atomic Elite dies but does not surrender!"

Gyrocopter (Steelpunk)

The Gyrocopter is a fast and agile flying unit. Perfect for scouting since it has limited combat capabilities.

Special skills:

  • Flak Cannon: Deals damage to all units in the hex.
  • AP-1 Rocket: Fires rockets that temporarily reduce the armor of the target.

"You can be my wingman anytime!"

Heavy Armored Truck (Steelpunk)

An armored monster with ramming capabilities. Slow but very powerful. Has no sight, so should be accompanied by a support unit.

Special skills:

  • Shred: The truck deals heavy immediate damage to a nearby unit and applies a damage over time effect.
  • AutoRepair: The unit enters the AutoRepair mode. In this mode it will regain HP during the current turn.

"I don't need to see where I'm going. Whatever is out there, it's got nothing on these 18 tons of steel!"

And that's all folks for today! Don't forget to add the game to your wishlist (if you still didn't) and stay tuned for more PUNK WARS updates! Also make sure to join our Discord community!

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