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This is the first public release from my first Unreal Engine game. Still learning how to use UE 4, much will be changed, but for now, you can play and end this history. Please, enjoy this free adventure!

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You were looking for your lost sister long time ago since that horrible accident. Was not your fault, isnt? Or it was? Anyway she recently, contacted to you. She is on an old town. So you depart, but something is wrong...



Move yourself with WASD or control pad. Press I to invert mouse view (sorry, only works with Mouse, nor pad)
Left click or pad button to interarct/pickup keys, etc
Right click to toggle flashlight (once you get it)
Shift or trigger control pad to sprint.

You will need a very nice computer with a good graphic card. Try to lower resolution on option menu to have better frame rate.

Also you can tweack shadows pressing console button, then type sg.ShadowQuality X, where X could be 0 (horrible shadows) or 3 to very nice shadows (by default)

Happy new year!!!

Please, go to www.facebook.com/NightolfGames for more games

also you can check the blog where more games will be released, as always, free!



Link to download:


Macchute - - 7 comments

Judging from the gameplay video it seems like you've done a good work on the graphics, you are also giving some jump scares that are really nicely done. You should try to improve the sound (so it doesn't sound like original Silent Hill). It sounds a little bit robotic to me. The lights should also fade smoother IMO. Keep up the good work! :)

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Naitguolf Author
Naitguolf - - 67 comments

Thanks. Some of graphs are placeholders until I am fine with the game itself, then I will remake most of them. Same with voices (was just a test, at first, the main character was silent)

And I fully agree, smooth lights can improve the overall game. So many things to do! But I wanted to share a completed game just to know if game is nice to be played.

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bhelen - - 525 comments

The voice acting is horrendous. I could do far better if you're interested.

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Naitguolf Author
Naitguolf - - 67 comments

Oh yes? How nice are you! Because I am not english native, I used some syntetic voice. Also at first I was not quite sure to use voices for the main character.

So please, just record the first sentence if you please. Indeed I will love to have help with the game! :)

Best regards!

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