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Hello everyone, I am trying to post this diary for a long time and you know what? HERE IT IS! In PXDD VIII Here you will see all ideologies that exist in the project x, all their types, effects, countries, economic rules and mod stuff.

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Hello everyone, I am trying to post this diary for a long time and you know what? HERE IT IS! In PXDD VIII Here you will see all ideologies that exist in the project x, all their types, effects, countries, economic rules and mod stuff.

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PrologueThe Technocratic Brotherhood/National Technoprogressivism is a form of a technocratic society with Nationalistic and Democratic ideals as its foundation. Although having some militaristic tendencies and seeking to unite the world under their ideals. For the most part, they seek to expand their influence throughout nations. This is done through further industrializing the nation in the quaternary sector, after gaining enough economy influence they will meddle in their foreign and internal affairs. They see the future as a Technological and cybernetic Utopia for all, without boundaries. For addition, the most important things are that they always want to improve their economic standards, advance their technologies, improve people's living conditions whilst also trying to improve their relationship with countries that share the same ideology and ideas, trying to get them to join their league of "Brotherhood/Technocratic Nations". Sadly, sometimes these ideas can´t always be realised in our world.We can continue to state that this ideology is pro-cyber technology that begins to spread around the world at this time, they have their own vision of democracy, leaning to a more dictatorial stance, although having elections in their party, it's different from others, due to them implanting cybernetics in the party member's brains transforming them into utmost loyal people that serve the brotherhood. This is also done in foreign nations who are in the dark that this is happening, slowly making this world controlled by one ideology, one nation!Special RulesThe brotherhood ideology is different from most ideologies in almost everything, beginning with a world view, politics of the modern countries and ending with economy rules of the country and parties (connected with politics):

Nataki Maserila: Japanese head of SOTC company from 2050 - 2060, after the techno progressive revolution the brotherhood party/techno progressive party of Nihon came to power. Nataki Maserial at this moment was in Tokyo, in 2063 because of her charisma and political talent, her outstanding talent allowed her to be the first head of the new Nihon brotherhood, soon after she started to rebuild the Japanese Political Structure and civil life. The new slogan became "Brotherhood with Japanese Values!". This restricted the more conservative values of the Brotherhood to specially fit the Japanese brotherhood’s Leaders views that Nataki Maserila enforces.

Benjamin Herzeli: Puerto rico buildings "redesigner" from 2078 - 2091 , helped to create an new jerusalem and other cities, creator of the underground "Rico Ground" project that which was aimed at the structure of new buildings and factories.

Azdrial Almehein [Azdrial Almehein (2023-2084)]: Quite a well-known person who is not now, because they will not tell you about it in schools and universities, so I will take on this task. She became famous in 2030, she was only seven years old when she lost her arm in a terrible accident (autopilot auto crash), although her parents miraculously survived. The accident itself left an indelible mark on the reputation of the company that made the car in which Azdrial was driving. Later after the accident, her parents won a court with this company family Azdrial was awarded compensation in the amount of $ 1 million, but the owner of this company offered Azdrial a proposal from their parents that they could not refuse. He offered to give Azdrial a chance to return her hand in the form of bionic.Of course there were risks, because before that there were no human clinical trials, but her parents wanted to give their daughter a chance to feel like a full-fledged member of society. In general, this Yionic hand brought glory to her in due time. Glory let her grow rich. With wealth, she began to want power ... In 2048, she founded a political party of technocrats in the UAE. But she did not have success, because the people did not like the ideas of nationalism and industrialism.Then it was decided to stop any political activity and go underground.

Solvan Magari: In 2063, Solvan Magari (Solvan Mageri 2045 - 2095) got into this "office" [Cause of death was not fixed]. He clearly caught fire with the ideas of technocrats and in 2065 was already at the top of the hierarchy. His work was appreciated by Azdrial (as well as his desire to add a little democracy to the future fraternity), which was not there before. And here he is at the top of his own Olympus, he began to think, how could the technocrats get out from under the polya? To do this, a number of measures were needed:1. Democracy, because authoritarianism has long been outdated.2. "Brotherhood" (not only a new name, but also equality between technocrats).3. "Plan X" (a system of plans for intervening in the affairs of countries, and their control (perfected many times and has many responses for each country of the world)Only thanks to these reforms in 2070 was it possible to take control of Japan, but in part this is the merit of another person ...Satrika Eveliya: Satrika Eveliya (Satrika Evelia (2038 - 2072), a trans-hummerist (has a bionic leg, an arm and a liver), and also an ardent admirer of Azdrial. In 2060 she entered the fraternity, but did not achieve much success, but everything changed, thanks to her knowledge of the internal structure of Japan. In 2070, it was she who drew up a plan for introducing influence into Japan (the beginning of the “Plan X”). After 5 years of preparation, of which Satrika herself led the first two, because she died because of her love for bionics (she wanted to replace a bionic prosthesis instead of a heart, but the doctor made a mistake), and after 3 years, the plan began which lasted 10 years, but something terrible happened in these ten years ...Death of Azdrial: 2084, Japan is almost completely under the control of the Brotherhood, almost. The ancient mafia group Yakuza did not want to bow its head to the Brotherhood. Regular working day for Azdrial, she had to meet with the government, only one problem. Her car exploded in the middle of Tokyo Street, all that was left of her was her only famous hand. Whether the Yakuza were involved in this or not, no one will know, for the next they were all found dead ...Ezenhauer Dextre (2065 - 2113), the cause of death is onkologia, is a prosthetic, but still an ardent technocrat, thanks to which Puerto Rico was “captured”.Bueno Honori [Bueno Onori (2069 - 2118) Death from overdose by nanobots] Another bright personality in the history of technocrats. Compiled and implemented a plan to "capture" Hawaii.HistoryThe ideas of the Brotherhood were manifested at the start of the 21st century, the rapid advancements in Space, Neuron, AI and Material science led to many people having a constant expectation of constant advancement, this expectation turned into belief, this belief turned into an Ideology…Things really started to be set into motion for the Brotherhood when the Cold War broke out in 2020. A man named Azorio Kolani, born in 1998 in the village of Gramos - Greece, was very inspired by the ideas of technological utopia and advanced technologies. But when Greece started to be lead by a neo-socialist party was when Azorio Kolani knew he had to undertake action, he participated in protests against Soviet rule and the pro-neo-socialist government, joining the "liberation Front Against a Neo-Socialists Oppression - LFANP"This league was very popular in Greece and other eastern European countries from 2018 and the period of the cold war ranging from 2020 to 2050.Agitations of the league in European regions and other neo socialistic countries:"Send away Soviet oppression!" "Get out of our country!"

In 2024 Azorio Kolani took it upon himself to create a new revolutionary ideology, thus he wrote the book "The Technocratic Society".
This book described the problems of the modern political establishment, that people like Marx also pointed out the Illnesses of Capitalism, and that he had finally found the cure, different from Socialism or Capitalism, he talks about the Technocratic Economy and how it will revolutionize the economy and stabilize it like never before. But most importantly, how they will bring constant Technological development, ranging from experimental tech currently in development such as new space vehicles, military applications and weaponry, new medical equipment, etc. All waiting to be finalized and brought to the massive, being held back however by Corrupt system in both Socialism and Capitalism. For the most part, this book is like a biography of modern technologies, political problems and new ideological ideas with their opportunities.On the one hand, this book was published in Community of Giper Network - CGN (that was created in 2010, internet in real life) But on the other hand, it was criticized by the authorities and governments, with over 87% of the nations banning the book. It didn’t gain much popularity, until the Great Depression in 2036…RelationshipThey have friendly relations with the confederatic parties and confederatism in other countries, this is because confederatism was found in the cold war period and share a few of the same ideas in their ideologies.Countries and mod stuff
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Nihon Brotherhood/Japan: Put in place in 2062 by the techno progressive coup/civil war in japan between which lasted 2 years, ranging from 2060 to 2062,this was a dark era for Japanese as in addition besides the Civil war there was the Grey Plague, which devastated the Islands of Japan for almost 20 years. Their leader in the year 2120 is known as "The Murderer of the Old Brotherhood" because of her reforms in the Japanese Government.
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Jewish Brotherhood: Established in 2053 after the "second" migration to Puerto Rico because of the nuclear war in the middle east and civil war in 'M.E' (the period between 2030 - 2048)

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Mediterranean Brotherhood: Established on Cyprus, the islands of Greece and Crete after the "war of the three crusades" (*Which was a big border conflict between Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania from 2042 to 2043) and the Turkic agreement in 2044 - Held in Berlin to decide the fate of the Cyprus.
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Washington Brotherhood: Established in the post cold war era in America, because of the political failure in the cold war and economic instability in the USA (Which after reformed into UAS - United American States and then split again afterwards between Atlantic federation as UAS controller , Dixie , workers , pacific, and Washington Brotherhood) , their leader is known as "The Fanatic Cyber Fiction"
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Alazar Cyber State: When old american authories collapsed and pacific states declared independence for 5 days (after Atlantic Federation puppeted them) "CyboHumans" Already exised (2050 , but on early stage of development) , after 2 years happened "Detroid Crisis" Robots and people with cybernetic implants were hacked and attacked thousand of peoples. After 30 years company "Alazar Synthgenesis" (technological company , in good relations with ATC) Established their nation in Hawaii that was bought from Pacific states. [Technogenetic party and in good trade deals with nihon and other brotherhood nations.]
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Hanigal Brotherhood: Located in south african anarchical zone , have poor economy and political stability , brotherhoo party took over couple of gangs and formed hanigalia in east south africa.
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Kanfer Brotherhood: Another south african anarchical nation ,lead by fanatic techno progressive cult named "Kanferian Pan African Movement" , in very good relations with Hanigalia , have poor economy but have "average" army forces (Like kanferian Lions , tanks)



PrologueConfederatism - Confederatism is a form of Liberal-Nationalism, mixing ideological ideas such as Liberal-Socialism, Nationalism, Radicalism and Militarism into one. The government is ruled by the president, Senate and Parliament, use free-market policies and for the most part is a new political system that is connected with conservatism and nationalism. It, in addition, seeks to spread their ideological ideas to other countries or nations using economic and political influence, and if necessary, military.Special Rules1) Achieve dominance on the global trade market2) Strong regulation of migration and border control3) The economic situation on the CGN and CDG (Cyber Domain of Gesn) companies needs to be in position when 36% of all their pacts and deals under confederatic protection and control.4) Military forces need to be separated and split between ASC (Azelion Salvation Company) and confederate league. (depending on the countries there will be other names and companies)HistoryMost of the modern and 22st-century Europe and America are under confederatic control, and this is because of some really famous people that helped to achieve this world dominance:Zalik Ouferzein: errorJake Tonglodion: errorAstrik Mediona: errorEvgen Stein: errorMakalas Bonjero: errorRaja Asulin: errorAhmabad Terveni: errorFriendship RelationshipConfederats or as they say "new democrats/democracy" are friends of technocrats and big companies, for the most part, they are friends with capitalist ideologies like conservatism, liberals and etc. But someone even tells that they are having connections with brotherhood and techno progressivist parties, but this is are only suspicions and conspiracy theories of the masses…

Countries and mod stuff

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Congo CD (Confederation) - Was established in 2038 during the confederatic coup, reinforced and reformed in 2069 during the agreement of 'Two Lions' and creation of pact called: shield of African confederacy between East African Confederation and Congo Confederation, have colonies in Antarctica.

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Senegal - During the Saharian crisis and colonization in 2019, the Senegal government was in crisis because of a new virus called 'Bebola' , US authorities helped with medicine and crisis was avoided in 2030 , after that Senegal became a "puppet" of the USA in the cold war era of Africa and the whole world, after 20 years the cold war was over and senegal became independent , however after ATF and UAS born Sengal became a buffer zone in west coast africa, after 21 years in 2071 Senegal created an alliance called "Senegal Military League" between Mali and Guinea.


WSP WSP (American protectorate in Sahara) - After the ravage of the Great Depression, the United States has struggled, and new imperialist ideas are emerging to deal with this crisis. And with the economic, political and demographic turmoil that the countries of South Africa are experiencing, the Americans are desperate to take advantage of this chaos and create a puppet state named West Saharian Protectorate. Map

EAC EAC (East African Confederation) - With the emergence of the Russian, American and Chinese imperialist ideas and the creation of puppet states attached to the sphere of influence of these great powers, the countries of eastern Africa are creating a congress to decide how to deal with them. To this threat which endangers their culture, their religion and their identity, to find a solution was difficult, but the only option was to unite against this imperialist invader and to impose itself in the political exchequer, of this observation the East African Confederation was created. The idea of the Confederation is nothing new to the country, since the countries that comprise it was already on the plan for unification, seeing it as a way to strengthen their economy, their military, and to promote unity and peace within the region. The situation of the Cold War only strengthened their cause for the unification. Although knowledge of the contestant’s desire for expanding influence in the globe, the Federation instead used them as a way to strengthen the economy and their military while at the same time protecting themselves from becoming too dependent on them. With the Congo Federation, the Shield of African Democracy was established in 2069 in the “Agreement of Two Lions”. Although small for the competition in the global market, the country is known as one of the advanced nations in Africa, with Robotics being a major to the nation and their Lunar Mining Industry which overshadows almosts all countries in Africa. Map

Nambia Namibian CD - Country in anarchy period from 2071, but today in 2120 she recovering from anarchy and economic crisis, increasing military services and improve relations with Congo Confederation. Also Namibia a poor nation without resources has very badly lived the great depression it's already weak basic economy did not last long in the face of the crisis, the hungry people, guerrilla groups did not take long to emerge in 1 year the country has been divided and even weaker, but with all these countervails, has this country been able to meet for a day to establish itself as a local power? nobody knows. Map

UCDLP UCDLP (United Confederacy of De La Plata) - Argentine a country governed by series of dictator, had a lot of trouble during the last years but the big crisis was the fat shot the situation was out of control, the government had only one choice go to war to wake up the Patriotic spirit of the Argentine and with a victory to calm the ardour of the rebel groups, after propaganda Argentina invaded Uruguay but the great power seems to be uninterested by this aggression and the situation in Argentina seems more under control. With this idea of conquest Argentina has annexe Chile after some long discussion in the main goal to be a great power and face the northern threat and the claim of the United Confederacy De La Plata. Map

Atlantic Cascadia Atlantic FD and confederatic autonomies - The US after the crisis, had nothing more united, trouble raged, the only slogan repression, after the independence of the pacific state, neo dixie protectorate , worker protectorate, and after occupation of canada and establishment of "Regional front of Cascadia" they have decided to create an new patriotic feeling under a new nation "Atlantic Federation". Atlantic Map Cascadian Map

Paguinea Associated Protectorate of Paguinea - For the Oceanic countries in the Pacific, the 21st century bought problems and solutions to them. With the initiation of the Cold War, the USA with combined efforts of Dutch East Indies, Australia, and New Zealand secured influence on them, giving China a hard time for their Red Dragon Project. With this comes with an increased presence of military in the region. The countries enjoyed benefits and funds to build protective barriers and dams against the rising threat of Global Warming and increased sea levels. On the other side, the countries’ control over their sovereignty was greatly diminished and was relatively managed similar to that of a territory. Although US presence was weak during the Second American Civil War, Australia, New Zealand, and Dutch East Indies. With the strike of the Second Great Depression, economies of the Pacific were hit hard and was on the verge of financial and economic collapse. So in 2054, the Associated Protectorate of Paguinea was formed as a way of a solution to the depression. Although economically dependent on their “allies”, the country has been granted some autonomy but will still keep its protectorate status. [ APG is Federal Company of the UAS (Union of American States) sphere. Map

Hindu FD Myanmindia Hindu FD + Protectorates: Afte the chinese indian war 2063 - 2066 , nuclear attack on kashmir by chinese government and also nuclear attack on south yunan , peace trety , establishment of the indian alliance , mayanmadian protectorate , thai joining to faction , Confederatic party (Hindian Secular Party) winning , renaming from Indian Republic to Hindu Federation , pakistan collapse (2069) , kashmir independence (2067) and "punjab chaos" , Now in 2120 Hindi Federation want revenge on chinese authorities and will do everything possible to destroy it. Map

Nusantara Confederation of Nusantara - Indonesia located is in a political and ethnic crisis from "Singapore Incident" (when hundred of thousands of riots wanted independence nation in 2072 , and after happened teract of "3 dragons") and also flooded islands in western indonesia and borneo coast that happened between 2076 - 2092. Map

Germany German CD - Leader of the European commonwealth from 2051 (full control 2072 ) , confederatic powers took control after German civil war in 2027 (because of cold war), Hated by france and serboslavia. Has Economic power in 2120 , antarctic , moon and mars colonies that leads by European Space Agency (ESA) Map

Minsaya Minsaya - Established after philippines civil war in 2042 , has good relations with Atlantic Federtaion and UAS sphere , in ATC alliance. Map

Morocco Moroccan CD - Morocco has good relations with Atlantic Federaion and UAS sphere , after the saharian deal in 2019 has territories in western mauritania , in USA sphere from 2020 , in alliance of Atlantic federation from 2074. Map

Lisbon Second Lisbon FD - After the Grey-Blue plague (2099) , almost all east Portugal was infected and cordoned by hispani forces , hispania/spain helped to clear the infected areas , and after a couple of months Portugal collapsed , the Lisbon federation established and Hispania took the infected regions in their hands. (well in real it's not owned by anyone) , and now in 2120 almost all infected zones was cleared and transferred to lisbon (but other territories remained in hispani authorities) Map

Catalonia Catalonia - Catalonian nation Established after the EC conference in 2062 to avoid the full collapse of political system Hispania. Was "European Protectorate" from 2062 - 2065 (New council suggestion of neo protectorats that will be controlled half by company and other half by federal authority) to improve their political and economic situation. Map

Enotria Enotrian States - Have economic crisis/problems from 2099 , EC biggest terraformer investor for ESA , lead by corporatist Isolino Mariano , have good relations with germany , signed "Treaty of Südtirol" (Transferred to german confederation in exchange for military gain and confederatic party establishment) Map

Adriatic Adriatic CR (Confederacy) - Established after the "War of three crusaders" between macedonia , bulgaria , serbia and albania between 2042 - 2044 (in period of instability of EU and broke of Illyroslavia and Vostocoslavia that was created after ww2 by USSR and USA authorities) and after the peace treaty of 2044. Map

Serboslavia Serboslavian ST (States) - Established in period of civil war in vostocoslavia and illyroslavia , located in EC cooperative zone (European Commonwealth) , one of the leaders of european council. have good relations with technoparties like Steel Party and etc around all europe , have bad mood against Germany and have economic dependence because of them. Map

Crovenia Crovenia - Also established after illyroslavian broke up (because of the cold war , illyroslavian end in 2034) , have good relations with germany because of north slovenian treaty (Slovenia never established there, only croato slovenian authority). Map

Hellenic Hellenic PR (Provinces) - Greece from socialistic and USSR protectorate became self independence around 2024 , but after became a self dependence of german confederation in 2052 to avoid full economic and political collapse. confederatic power came over in 2055 (with help of germany) and renamed to Hellenic Provinces with new political "sectors" in the greece regions (autonomies) , and now in 2120 an new era for Hellenic began, will greece rise again and with restoration of byzantium with "New legion" nationalistic forces that confederatic system created, or will be destroyed by anarchy after EC collapse... Map


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PrologueProtectionists - Protectionists are always looking for ways to protect their country and economy from market fluctuations, keen on money and influence. Choosing a balance of Autarkic policies and dependency policies. Their top priority though is protection from enemies both within and without, leaving immigration and trade policies to be somewhat to be desired.Neo-republicans - Neo-republicans have classic conservative ideas with leanings towards more aggressive and patriotic ideals, believing in a democratic framework using voting procedures instead of an authoritarian decision making entity, or so they state... Their arch-enemy being none-other than the neo-socialists, an entity they cannot co-exist with, Guaranteed to make your country with "Adamantium Walls!"Special RulesFor now, it's pretty basic and old conservatism, they don't have some "special rules" in the way that we understand but some rules they actually have:

  1. Talk only with countries that have money + improve relations with them.
  2. Invest money in stable and old companies, with old "guard"
  3. Use cybertechs, implants and Community of Giper Network CGN with strict rules and clean hands.
  4. Always watch if other countries wants to steal your ideas.

5. NEVER INSULT THE 'co-fathers' of the modern conservatism such as Michel Madera, Obudah Mahrein and Selila Overzein!HistoryMiclel Madera: Obudah Mahrein and Selila Overzein the co-fathers of the "modern" conservative ideas and laws/rules for all countries in the 22nd century:

Miclel Madera: Leader and creator of the 'cointechs' in 2067, a new system of code transferring in CGN cyters (internet - computers), helped to the whole CGN stock market to "rise from the dead" and overcome from the second great depression. after this invention, he invested in the french economy and became the sponsor of the republic and french CGN market.

Obudah Mahrein: Leader of the project 'Abu-Lah river' in UAE and UAE that was created in 2101, it was a major success for the middle east and their agriculture. After 2 years Obudah Mahrein became the leader of the conservative party in UAE and also minister of economy, basically he set the course for the modern conservative economy.

Selila Overzein: Leader of the german confederation from 2076 - 2084, she was in conservative party and thanks to her, the German economy has risen (since the last great depression) and you probably have a question How? well, all because of a method of "Conservative Implantation" that she used in stock markets - Basically this CI used a stable system of old CGN markets combined with modern and post-depression mechanics. In future this scheme and method using most of the conservative countries, for example, South American Union - SAU, Fifth French Republic - FFR and more.Friendship RelationshipFriends with democratic ideologies such as confederatism, also love countries with good defensive army, stable economy and money.Countries and mod stuff

South America (Brazil) South American Union - A country with a long history, which appeared as a result of the colonization of Portugal. Today was reorganized in United Brazilian States under the influence of the United States, and lost territory above the Amazon river as a result of the war with Gran American Confederation. Map

Cote Cote Dlvoire - A typical African state, with hot climate and poor population Map

Hispanian Hispania - The Hispanian state, which changed its borders as a result of crises and civil wars. Having an average economic potential, seems Spain doesn`t have great strength in Europe. Map

France The fifth French Republic - France, in spite of its defeat in the Second World War, could overcome the second Great crisis and created an extremely strong economy. All over the time of Germany's superiority in the European Confederation, in France increased anger to the Germans and the desire to perform a revenge. Map

Turkey Turkish Federal Republic (+ puppets) - Turkey has a great history as a great empire. Unfortunately, due to multiple crises and the loss of influence in Europe, the country has lost its imperial ambitions, but for Russia has recommended itself as a good ally. However, the Turks managed to create a buffer zone on the border area, conquering part of Bulgaria, the people of Kurds and Tawhids. Map | Turkey Thrace Thrace Thrace Regional Zone (turkey autonomy) - The country created by the Turkish government as protection against large count of migrants.

Bosnotegria Bosnotegria - The result of the collapse of illyrslav in the year 2032. Bosnotegria is a result of the reunification of Bosnia and Montenegro. Map

Junta Ukrainian Junta - Ukrainian government, organized by military generals as a result of victory in the battle for independence. Map

Transylvania, Moldavia , Walachia - Part of a collapsed Romania. Romania split as a result of the failure of a weak ruler, which led the country to complete instability and people distrust. Romanian Map

Neo Nationalism

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PrologueNeo-Nationalists - Neo-Nationalism is a type of nationalism that arose in the mid-2020s in Europe and North America with small outcroppings on other continents a reaction to the start of the cold war and the fear for weakness. It is associated with several Ideas and Ideals, such as right-wing populism, anti-globalization, nativism, protectionism, anti-immigration, anti-neo-socialism and opposition to certain religious groups. According to one European scholar; 'Nationalist resistance to global liberalism and neo-socialism turned out to be the most influential force in Western and Eastern politics'.Types of Nationalistic IdeologiesUltranationalism is an 'extreme nationalism that promotes the interest of one state or people above all others', or simply 'extreme devotion to one's own nation'. Ultranationalism combined with the notion of national rebirth is a key foundation of fascism. According to Janusz Bugajski, "in its most extreme or developed forms, ultra-nationalism resembles fascism, marked by a xenophobic disdain of other nations, support for authoritarian political arrangements verging on totalitarianism, and a mythical emphasis on the "organic unity" between a charismatic leader, an organizationally amorphous movement-type party, and the nation".National liberalism is a variant of liberalism, combining liberal policies and issues with elements of nationalism and/or a term used to describe a series of European political parties that have been especially active in the 19th century in several national contexts such as Central Europe, the Nordic countries and Southeast Europe. National Liberalistic Parties whose goals were the pursuit of individual/economic freedom and national sovereignty, 'verification needed' refers primarily to an ideology and a movement of the 19th century, but national-liberal parties exist also today.National syndicalism is an adaptation of syndicalism to suit the social agenda of integral nationalism.Special Rules2 special rules but very important: Go against globalism around the world and spread our ideas to the countries!HistoryFor the most part Neo Nationalism is radical ideology with anti-cyber implants, globalism and some other modern aspects of 22nd century, these people helped to achieve this:Ahmud Matreci: errorDaria Satronovich: errorBicyzer Salazar: errorNoah Stevenson: errorTricelen Nazdorovni: errorFriendship RelationshipNeo nationalistic and every "radical" movements like ultra-nationalistic have good relations with similar ideologies and parties like: Neo fascist party in south african guard , modern anti global party in scandinavia (because if the incident of 2099), Reactionary/oligarchy/monarchy syndicates parties and ideologies around the world. Alternative for south America and etc.Countries and mod stuff

Meṣr/Egypt Meṣr Republic (Egypt) - The rise of the new pharaoh - The most civil of the African nations thanks to their parting of the democratic system and mass executions that nearly broke the nation in half. the education is steadily growing to match european nation thanks to scientists that they torture. they have the strongest army in Africa and nobody dares to fight them thanks to their unethical ways of fighting, that includes the use of anthrax on civilian targets, attacking medical staff, bombarding napalm over targets and airstrikes on taget who already surrendered Map

Persia United Persian Emirates - The lion of the sands of war - The Persian Emirate is the most influential middle-eastern nation thanks to their iron will and their strength, but there is something that haunts them, the fact that Baluchistan managed to break free which in turn crippled the UPE for decades thanks to the fact that Baluchistan contains research centers and factories capable of producing advanced tools... Map

Liberian State Liberian State - Joseph Sita, the prophet - The most promising African nation, the jewel of hope, the bastion of madness Liberia. the unique part of the Liberian State is their religion which is centered on Joseph Sita wich is believed to be a man of power and holiness, but in reality he is just a man with a plan, a plan to unite all of Africa under on flag. Map

Nigerian States United Nigerian States - Power of the people - If you ever plan to visit the African continent take a detour to Lagos to see the view of skyscrapers rising out of the sea or witness the massive cityscrapers that are more common than trees here. thanks to the rapid growth here nearly every cubic kilometer is covered with concrete structures and if you even find any forest(which mostly comprises of plastic plants) you can hear the silence of the forest(that only contains recordings of animals which used to live there). Map

Folcan Folcan State (South African Anarchy) - It is a nation in anarchy and that will be short lived Map

Ganoze Ganoze State (South African Anarchy) - It is a nation in anarchy and that will be short lived V2 Map

Baluchistan Islamic State of Baluchistan - The only peaceful beast in the middle-east - Baluchistan is the safest middle-eastern nation thanks to their use of drones which in turn removes the privacy of the people but there in nearly no crime whatsoever, the sad thing is that most of the military consists of drones and because of that their economy is is failing them. to fix the problem of a failing economy they began selling off people's privacy by building their own drones and selling them with a nasty surprise built in them, cameras connected to data banks that would sell your privacy to corporations worldwide. Map

Dixie Neo Dixie Protectorate - The land run by a mad man - Corey Booker, the man with a dream so radical that he was not allowed to run his country independently. well everybody has a idea that might be to offensive or too brilliant and then you have Corey who manages to create a country where it is legal to carry a firearm wherever you go. sadly the madness does not stop there, he legalized mustard gas as a way of execution, alligator wrestling is now a sport there, driving while drunk is legal and children are being conscripted in the army. and the list goes on...

Useful and informative links: Our Subreddit , Discord , MODDB and Paradox Forum.


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