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Hello everybody! Well, I just decided to make this game happen in a single player form. I think this will be a good start for it. I'd like to start the work in 2017 Q2. Long live the cat king!

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Hello everybody!

Well the summary tells everything important. I'm just not able to leave this project under the ground. I must continue it... I really love the idea, that was me dream game!

Of course without the multiplayer option this will be a totally different experience but later on maybe I will be able to reuse my network codes (they are working). Then, what would be otherwise now? Well I will stop using MonoGame... Jep, without the multiplaer parts I can choose a game engine to work with what makes the dev. process much faster.

That's all folks! I will be back! Oh and check out my homepage!
Progorion Homepage

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