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Project Maze is magic-themed and revolves around a procedurally generated maze. Monsters are scattered over the maze, so the player has to wield their magic powers to protect themself. Occasionally through the maze, the player will encounter puzzles that they will have to solve in order to leave the maze.

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Hello! MAZE is back with another devlog update on Project Maze. Yep, we finally finalized on a title, and we decided on Project Maze to fit in with the story.

New Trailer

Project Maze: Beta PC

Windows Download (Google Drive)

Mac Download (Google Drive)

Overall Changes:

In this week's devlog, we built the boss level. We incorporated the puzzle design of the maze into the boss battle to help the player with the quick understanding of the goal. We also went back into the maze to polish up some areas and items. Oh, also the game icon and title have been decided.

Maze Gameplay Changes:

With some feedback, a major design choice was made to the maze level. The overall maze area has decreased to tune down the travel time for the player. Puzzle areas now project light over it to help guide where the player is going.

Plans for the near future:

We're finally done with adding new content to the game. Now the focus is going back through the game and polishing and refining areas based on the player feedback. We're also expecting to have a focus on the boss level as well.

In general:

  • Polish the gameplay on the boss level
  • Review the maze changes
  • Refine the player experience with the maze
  • Review the boss level and incorporate player feedback
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