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The thing, the "core", that makes Project-Cleaners so unique!

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As i promised sometime ago, here's some information about the Non-Linear Investigation system of Project-Cleaners.

Ever played any adventure games? Extraordinary games like the famous Phoenix Wright? They had this certain "something" that constantly kept the player interested in the story from the beginning all the way to the end.

This is the certain something we want to recreate in Project-Cleaners, but with a different kind of approach.

The Non-Linear Investigation System

Project-Cleaners is an adventure game with a rather peculiar feature. In fact, the player has the ability to carry on the investigation in any way he wants. He can examine almost everything, find any kind of evidence or clue and talk to anyone, witnesses or suspects in the order he prefers. In the end, is the player that decides who is the culprit among the suspects.

The game WON'T tell you who the real culprit is, it's entirely up to the player's logic. The player won't even know if the suspect he pointed out as the culprit was actually the culprit! The consequences will be seen as the story unfolds as it shapes based upon the player's choices.

Project-Cleaners will consists of three different cases and three different endings. And with the Non-Linear Investigation system we have implemented, the destiny of all the characters in the game rest entirely upon your hands.

I surely hope you will enjoy this feature when the game comes out. :)

Stay tuned for more news! We are trying to make a playable demo as quickly as possible and, if everything goes well, should be ready for January\February 2014.

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