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Here's the latest news about the newly implemented Wizard class, etc.

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I've finalized the Wizard class and it's ready to be demonstrated. There's a video below, showing off the Wizard class and the whole first world (including the boss) - spoiler alert!

I've started designing the second world, but I've only created a few "screens" so far. Currently I'm planning to have 20 screens per world, and a total of four worlds. Yes that's correct! - there will be 80 screens in total when the game is finished.

I've completely rebalanced all player and enemy values and multiplied everything by around 5, to make it easier to find balance between damage, health, armor, etc.

I've added "Dark" enemies to the game, or rather, changed the way they're used in the game. Dark Warriors and Dark Wizards are tougher enemies, but they give more experience when killed. These types of enemies will never respawn, unlike all the normal enemies (which will respawn when you re-enter a screen).

I've also added skills (the Warrior has one set of skills and the Wizard has another set of skills). These skills will be passive. For example the Warrior has a skill which leeches life when damaging enemies, and the Wizard has a skill which turns his fireball into a frost bolt. There's currently only 2 skills for each class, but I'm planning to have a total of 4 skills for each one.

I'm still designing the game as I go, but I have a general idea about the different worlds, and I'm still coming up with new ideas for enemies, bosses and skills.

Check out the Wizard class running through the first world, plus a few of the second world's screens (spoiler alert!):

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