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A quick rundown of what features I'm implementing right now

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Hey there!

So I decided that the next step in giving the groups in GODSPEED! their own feel would be adding in the hero units for the two teams, so to that end I have started work on the Corporate Fat Cat. These hero units introduce a new aspect to the game - the ability to move between lanes. Here is a brief description of the first Fat Cat design:

A huge and obese cat carried around on a plinth by six of his subordinates, the Fat Cat crosses the field at breakneck speed, knocking over anyone stupid enough to get in his way. Press the Fat Cat to send one of his carriers sprinting forward to the enemy base, but be careful! Each time you do this the Fat Cat loses speed until with only one carrier he barely crawls along, reducing his ram damage and making him easier to avoid. Send the last carrier out and the Corporate Fat Cat becomes no more than an immobile wall, phoning in cats to protect him when under attack.

The choice I wanted to give when controlling him was all about when to send your cats out from underneath. When you reach the enemy base the Fat Cat himself will gladly steal one barrel o' fireworks, but wouldn't you rather release some of his carriers and bring back four? Since hero units stay on the field until vanquished you have to try and maximise their time, so I am hoping this may open different strategies. Anyway, more play-testing is required to find out - expect a video depicting the Corporate Fat Cat in all his glory soon!

In one other bit of news I have started work on the third group, a banding together of all manner of sea creatures great and small, their lack of oxygen the smallest obstacle on their quest to amass the greatest horde of fireworks of all. In walking on land these beasts have ironically become the 'pirates of the land', and don't hesitate to play this image up.

Avast! ye land lubbers, keep one eye open for... URCHIN.

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