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Progress of the games prototype! Read this incase you are interested.

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Hey ya'll another update!

Since posting the game, I realized that the popularity went up by a lot, and, it's now on the top of the list for RPG Maker VX Ace engine search!

Of course, me being a realist, this will probably disappear in a day or two if people don't visit as often! So please visit us, and leave some comments! Your opinions are worth more than fine gold.

So if you all (particularly 1 person)

have/will/might have played the prototype, you'll realize that the prototype is pretty big for a prototype. Do not worry as the file size will change shortly. Furthermore, for those who do not like downloading things, do not worry, there will be a video of the gameplay soon.

Regarding bosses - I have/will implement a challenging boss if you have completed the prototype, this is just to give you some time to kill.

This is the boss right now -


It's a Gueltabples. A beast from the ether planes. Pretty big, has a ton of HP, hits you like a truck. You ought to plan your moves wisely.

But gee, doesn't this cost money?

YES! it does, and we intend to spend every drop of money when/if the game gets successfully funded.

So please stay tuned, more updates are on the way! Don't forget to leave comments. I can't stress that enough. Leave anything: Love, hate, turtles, hamsters, flying underpants, anything!

Your comments will help me and my friends a ton.

Happy Gaming! :D


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