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Urizen Shadows of the Cold is beginning to look pretty awesome at this point. I am both surprised and excited to let you all in on it's progress...

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Yes at this point I'm glad to say Urizen Shadows of the Cold DX is starting to look pretty frosty at this point. I've got the layout on how the Urizen bazaar is going to look like, I'm happy to say it looks pretty cool with all the neat stuff you can purchase. I've got potions, warriors, stages, lives and other things that will raise the replay value up a level. Here's a picture...


There is now 3 modes of play Warrior Mode, with the usual set of rules. Conqueror Mode which inflicts you with twice the damage and there is no auto kill (this is yet to be implemented). Then there is Supreme Mode where you basically get one life per warrior, if he/she dies, he/she remains dead. Here's a picture...



I will continue with the graphics update. Here are some pictures of the progress...



Long ago I had made a neat stage creator for an older game, I am sure I can replicate the same process but this will take a lot of effort, so give me a chance and it will be all worth it. Also there are talks on a versus mode. I want to say it's going to happen, but it is too early to say. I will see that the stage creator is made solely for the versus mode if I do decide to make it. And like I had mentioned before there will be more warriors and they will include "Rampage"; a cybernetic chimp, "Blu Claw"; an alien feline, "Firerunner"; an older warrior removed from the Urisis game early on, "Kotto"; makes her debut in Urizen The Serpents Fang, and The Emperor of Sands.

And Lastly I'd like to introduce the names of the new stages, they are the Bloodgore's Castle of Vampires, the Temple of Light, Azurite Waters, The Enlightened Road, and finally the Graveyard. This is a lot of work, and yes you are all probably wondering if I will be able to complete it, god be willing I put too much effort and I am not stopping now. :) So raise your battleaxes Urizen DX is coming.

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Thank you...

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