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Progress Update 09/29/2013. Also, there's a special little snouted surprise inside!

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I know it's been a while since I've done a progress update, but I have wonderful news!!! Now that I've located my AAMFP folder, I've copied over the file from AAMFP to ATDD, and am now able to use them! So, Lost in the Dark is no longer restricted to the Grunt and Brute. I have a total of seven monsters now, and am planning on using them all in my CS (If you don't count both the new and old Kaernks, it's really six)!! Also, now that I have some AAMFP assets, I can start putting in monster encounters! Also, I am testing out a new addition to the usual mapping, scripting, notes, and story-related scares: an estimate of how long it will be and the number of monster encounters in the entire game!

Progress Log-
Mapping: 4.6%
Story-Related Scares: 0.1% (Started today!!!)
Scripting: 1%
Notes, Mementos, and other Texts: 1%
Voice Acting: 0%
Estimated time: An hour to and hour and a half
# of Monster Encounters in the Entire Game: 10 or more

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lovely news! haha finally I'll be (and not only me) able to see the pig monsters if that's what you meant. :D

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G-H-O-S-T Author

That's exactly what I meant! I hope you like it when it's released!

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