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The festive season wouldn't feel like a festive season without one of our blogs! Well to us anyway! Sit back and enjoy!

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"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad" - Shigeru Miyamoto.

This Things of Ours has been a real rollercoaster for Skull Crackers Entertainment but for 4 years on we see a different version of the game and ourselves as developers. A lot of our family and friends constantly hassle us "When is it going to be out?" the best thing we can do is shrug and say "when it's ready". I'm not going to lie we have taken longer than originally anticipated but we are nearly their guys and I truly f**king mean that! So just bear with us...

As I write this development blog I have had a few minutes to sit here and reflect on this year and we have hit milestones stones size of asteroids this year with the development and we couldn't have done it without the support of family, friends, and our small but humble community on Discord (which you can join on the link above).

This Thing of Ours isn't just a game to Skull Crackers Entertainment, it's a mark of dedication 4 years on and we are still as determined to bring you a title that will kick ass and take names! We need your support more than ever, a press of a like on Instagram or just you joining on Discord is what fuels this train!

So with the speech that sounds like it came from a dictator out of the way please find some of the amazing stuff we have been working on the last few months listed below! Oh and Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

VINNY FINAL CUT 12 16 21 6 19PM

Also, we have some amazing art being produced by JJ

New Stuff

  • 30 all-new NPC models added. (I was trying to add the screenshots but they keep resising)
  • Revamped traffic and pedestrian system
  • Added in driving tutorial.
  • Added traffic points near the airport.
  • Added pedestrian points near the airport.
  • Added in a cover system, the player can take cover behind obstacles, and poke out and shoot at enemies.


  • Added some post processing effects.
  • Added gate closing/opening sound effects.
  • Fixed issue with driver light always being turned on when a vehicle had no driver.
  • Changed material texture on vehicles windows, to look more like a glass texture.
  • Added blue icon on mini map to represent police officers.
  • Finished steam store page descriptions
  • Added steam screenshots.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with rain going inside of enterable buildings.
  • Fixed issue with character body parts missing when at the wardrobe changing clothes.
  • Fixed issue where character was constantly walking, and couldn’t run.
  • Added in a walk-only button.
  • Fixed issue where getting drunk the screen wouldn’t get blurry.
  • Fixed issue where NPC’s wouldn’t pull out umbrellas in the rain.
  • Fixed issue with drunk animation not changing back to the normal walking animation over time.
  • Fixed issue with nightclub bathroom doors not opening due to static batching
  • Fixed issue with player not being placed in bathroom stall when doing drugs.
  • Fixed issue with weapon wheel deleting guns from inventory
  • Fixed issue with the sniper rifle zoom not working
  • Made adjustments to bullet trail renderers
  • Fixed issue with exiting train, the camera wouldn’t reset to be behind the player.
  • Made adjustments to the shotgun's damage.
  • Fixed issue with new NPC’s not taking damage from weapons
  • Fixed issue with vehicle doors opening and closing after exiting the vehicle
  • Fixed issue with the scrollbar for clothing UI not resetting when exiting, and re-entering.
  • Fixed issue storing a vehicle in a garage, would reset the player in the driving animation.
  • Fixed issue with game pausing when exiting lap dance.
  • Fixed issue with the camera, not focusing on alcohol when buying drinks at a bar.
  • Fixed issue with buying a ghetto house camera was not showing up.
  • Fixed issue with buying a penthouse camera was not showing up.
  • Fixed issue with buying a car at the car dealership the camera was not showing up.
  • Fixed issue with gates not closing.
  • Fixed issue with gates not opening when a vehicle was in their trigger zone.
  • Fixed issue with chop shops saying a vehicle was not wanted, when in fact it was.
  • Fixed issues with sedan, taxi and police car sitting positions.
  • Fixed issue with chop shop not displaying all of the wanted vehicles.
  • Fixed some issues that were causing gas stations to no longer work, due to the changes made in the code to the vehicle system.
  • Fixed issue with street lights emission texture not enabling at night time.
  • Fixed issue with vehicles blowing up, and not ejecting the driver from the vehicle.
  • Fixed issue with cops spawning in all vehicles, now they only spawn in cop cars.
  • Fixed issue with liquor store robberies, clerks weren't putting their hands up in the air.
  • Fixed issue with liquor store robberies, clerk wasn’t spawning.
  • Fixed issue with liquor store robberies, barks weren’t playing.
  • Fixed issue with liquor store robberies, controller was getting disabled.
  • Fixed issue with liquor store robberies, money spawning in the wrong location.
  • Fixed issue with fight club, blood particle effect wasn’t being played when hitting opp.
  • Fixed issue with traffic-stopping at disabled objects.
  • Fixed collider issues around the map on props and environment.
  • Changed colours of supports under the red bridge.
  • Added the motel California sign back on the main motel building.
  • Fixed light to gambling den.
  • Fixed more gaping issues between environment objects.
  • Removed hinge joints from doors.
  • Fixed invisible wall at the casino.
  • Fixed invisible wall by the housing projects.
  • Fixed lighting at the Beacon hill HQ.
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Updated with social media links!

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