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I am sorry to of been quiet the past few weeks, so I am here to deliver the Progress report as of 26/06/2013.

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For the past couple of weeks I have been quite lazy, unfortunately. I only recently started working on the Mod again. Sure I added things here and there, but I never sat down and worked on it straight for hours. Which makes me sad, because people are looking forward to this. So, I'm now trying to work on this as much as I can! Of course, the release of The Last Of Us didn't help either, Haha.

As of 26/06/2013

  • Currently still have 4/6 maps Exisiting/WIP/Completed (Subject to change).
  • Some of the maps are a bit large of scale, and due to some being completely outdoors, It's hard to get that feel of being outside. So that's taking me a little bit of working with.
  • Voice acting has started, and I am slowly creating the scripts for the voice actors to read.

As of 26/06/2013

  • None right now.

I really am sorry about the lack of updates recently, I want to try and update as much as I can for you guys. I'll try my best and release what I can, when I can.

I am actually taking 2 weeks off of work starting from the 8th of July, I hope to get a lot of modding done within that time, so I hope it helps!

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