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Paranormal is now available on Desura!PARANORMAL: THE TOWN announced! We made it on to Steam!

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PARANORMAL: The Town -- The first FREE expansion pack announced!

Paranormal is finally fully released! Paranormal 1.2.4 contains many bug fixes, as well as a new experimental gameplay mechanic called Stains. Stains are paranormal hotspots that have a small chance to appear throughout the house. Are they dangerous? Only one way to find out. See the changelog below for more details.

PARANORMAL: The Town -- Paranormal's first free expansion pack will, in essence, be a sequel to the base game. Since it's pretty much an entirely new game, it will take quite some time to complete.
Here's a feature list:

  • An entire town to explore with randomly generated content.
  • A new storyline with new characters, including a new main character.
  • New gameplay mechanics (will elaborate at later date).
  • Still played in the found-footage style (like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project).
  • Confirmed locations in the town currently include: A highschool, a graveyard.
  • The story will be related to the story from the base game.
  • If you like Silent Hill, you should be excited-that's where we're taking some inspiration from.
  • More story-driven experience while still maintaining the random nature of the game.
  • More features to be announced at a later date.


  • Added new gameplay mechanic: Stains.
  • Added one new ending (minor).
  • Tweaked Unabridged Mode for better pacing.
  • Fixed many issues with invisible objects.
  • Fixed some issues with certain endings.
  • Fixed a few crashes.
  • Fixed tons of glitches and bugs.
  • And many many more things you'll have to discover on your own!
    (The Black Screen glitch some users have been facing has been fixed in 1.2.4. Download this patch's standalone installer from Desura if you experience this issue.)

    PopMatters wrote: The most interesting thing about it, though, is that I am this character. I’m motivated to record the ghost for personal reasons and that adds to personal fear Paranormal evokes. I already have undeniable proof of its existence, but I want to see what it’s capable of. I don’t care if it hates me. I want to push it further.

    See Paranormal's review on PopMatters

Paranormal is on Steam!

Here is how to get your Steam key:

To claim your Steam key (if you own Paranormal on Desura), visit this URL: Indiedb.com
And find Paranormal on the list. Click keys. Your Paranormal Steam key should be there.
To activate it on Steam, open Steam and press 'ADD A GAME...' and then 'Activate A Product On Steam'.



Omg you said its going to be like Silent Hill i cant wait to get my scare on :D

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