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So finally we have Ghost Hunters working properly n_n. Find out how they work in this article and how can you scare them!

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Hello everyone again :).

We have a new update for our game Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror. Before continuing, we are kinda surprised of the good reception our MolyJam game "Time Travel Knight!". Some people have even made videos in youtube about it (O_o)! This for us, being such a small team, is absolutely amazing (^_^).

We appreciate that people liked it n_n. We did it mostly as a way of changing pace with our current work with Poltergeist, so we had some variety in our normal work (n_n). If you want to know what Time Travel Knight is, you can check it out here.


But well, lets talk about Poltergeist! We have completed the special characters behaviors. The special characters are basically the ghost hunters, the priests, and the special bosses. These characters have the special ability of "blocking powers". We can show you what that means exactly with this video right here.

As you can see when you use the "alter object power here", the character immediately goes to block the power. The power never executes, and although that rest of the characters get scared of the supernatural, they feel safe because of the Ghost Hunters action, so they don't lose any scare points.

Now you ask, how can you stop a character like this! Well, as we have it designed right now. Special character can only block a limited set of powers. You can see which powers can they block when clicking on the character you want (you can also check their names and current status, just for fun hehe n_n).

This will bring you enough information to know how to fight this special characters, using the correct items to scare them correctly.

As you can see, this Ghost Hunter can lock the "Launch" and "Alter Object Powers. But well, lets try a new power! The "Invoke Spectre" power. Don't know what that is? Well, lets check it out right now! (After that we will finish with a possess object hehe (n_n)-

Yay! Everyone got scared! You win!

The priest works in the same way, he changes the powers he can block. We just need to have its animations done and we are all set with the basic special characters.

We think that when we have the priest finished, that will mark the moment of the game development where we have all of the basic mechanics we are thinking of the game done. The only thing left is making levels, making art for the levels, and music, sound, menus etc. And of course many bug fixing, and many tweaks in gameplay. But the basic core mechanics should be done by that moment n_n.

PD: About that crowd funding idea

After showing you this, we wanted to tell you about the idea we had a while ago about doing a crowd funding campaign.

We are inclined to actually do it. We've been preparing everything around it, how much work is needed or constant updates and info for new people that know the project for the first time and, by definition, how much money to cover all of the costs we want to cover.

Also we are establishing our rewards and such. We don't think we can give out many physical rewards, due to the cost of sending everything. But we'll make sure you have a really nice set of rewards for you n_n.

We really want to have this game in its best possible state, so if our campaign goes successful, we are pretty sure the game would improve a lot based on it. If we don't make it, well, we can still finish the game, but it would have a reduced scope, and probably not as much content as we would love to have. But oh well, thats the ideaof the campaign, to see if we can take the game to the next level n_n.

We are also thinking about which crowd-funding page to use. Kickstarter, unfortunately, is impossible for us as we are not form the USA or the UK. We are thinking of Indiegogo then, its less known, but its definitely the best option after Kickstarter. I would take us a couple weeks to have everything sorted out and launch the campaign. So you will know more about this ver soon (n_n).

Well, thats it for now. see you all later with more information n_n.

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