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Post news RSS Police Quests and Sanbox Mode coming in February!

We are over the moon to disclose that we're intensively working on delivering two major updates you anticipated and communicated via Discord and Steam discussion forum!

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Police Quests, Feb 2nd

The Police Quests will be a particular type of Side Quest which will serve the purpose of reducing the Global Alert Level and Stash Alert Level. They will vary from the Side Quests by their spawn points and conditions and will be given by the Sheriff.

An example of one quest could be getting a call from your godmother who is hosting the Sheriff at her place - in your name she negotiated turning his eye blind on you in return for his favorite rare likker.
Isn't it bribery? We hope you'll like the new quests ;-)

Sandbox Mode, Feb 23rd

The Sandbox Mode will give you the freedom of exploration and production. That is the most anticipated thing we found in our discussions with you and we totally agree!
Sandbox will remove Main Missions and allow to modify gameplay. The technologies, side quests, police quests, and events will not be region locked anymore. In the inventory and the Fast Apparatus Placement windows, you will be able to discard unwanted batches and apparatuses. All the maps will be fully accessible to at all times. Depending on the base chosen to start with, all deliveries will start from there. All stashes will be open from the get-go.

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Additionally, the Sandbox will give options effects:

  • Starting Base
    The base the player choses to start with defines which base and store are going to be used on the map, and which environment the player going to have in their base.

  • Buildings start at max level
    If checked, the player will start with all their buildings (Headquarters, Garage, Workshop) already at level 3, which it the highest one.

  • Instant Deliveries
    If checked, when the player starts a delivery, it’ll be done instantly.

  • All techs unlocked
    If checked, the player will already have all technologies unlocked from the beginning.

  • Unlimited Money
    If checked, player will have unlimited money.

  • Instant Craft, Fermentation, Distillation
    If checked, all crafts, fermentation and distillations become instantaneous. They still all require to have workers.

  • Speed Multiplier for Craft, Fermentation, Distillation
    If Instant Craft isn’t checked, then the value of this option will be used to make Crafts, Fermentations and Distillations go this much faster. Note that this doesn’t just change the game speed.

  • Deactivate All Alert Levels & Game Over
    If checked, all systems of Game Over and Alert Level going up are deactivated. Events linked to a specific Alert Level should get deactivated too.



Steam Base Builder Fest 2023


As many developers grab their hammers, saws, and measuring tapes and prepare to get dusty during the Fest, we've taken the stills and tanks and set the best moonshining equipment for this opportunity.


Supporter Pack Giveaway 1080x108

It is a great occassion to check out your bases! We will give away the Supporter Pack to the best base builders of Moonshine Inc. (no limit, the criteria is a neat base ;-))

  • Upload/ share your base screenshot on Moonshine Inc. Steam community Steamcommunity.com
  • Accept the Friend Invite from Błażej_Klabater on Steam, he'll send you the key via Steam chat
  • Unlock the key and make use of the DLC's content

Time limitation: Steam Base Builder Fest - runs from January 23 at 10:00 AM PST (UTC-8) to January 30 at 10:00 AM PST (UTC-8).

During the festival, you and your friends will be able to get Moonshine Inc.
with a -15% discount. On top of that, you can watch the recent (20th) episode from YouTuber KillRobPlays and the game presentation of game producer Robert Wesolowski to YouTuber Cyrus from Still'n The Clear, a channel for moonshining beginners.

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