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Updates to the world and events in Pirate Dragons. And signups for the playtest on Steam!

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I've been working on fleshing out the world and adding more events to Pirate Dragons over the last few weeks. Before I get into that though, be sure to sign up for the Pirate Dragons playtest and Wishlist the game as well!

If you are new to Pirate Dragons, check out the trailer here:

The World

I'm about halfway through building the world that you explore in the overhead view. There are four factions, each with it's own look for buildings and different resources that they specialize in. The island flora is also different depending on the location of the island. Some have a tropical look while others have a more temperate look.

The capital city of the Verrxxen Faction, the mining town of Ardahle, and the Capital City of the Baphel faction.





While traveling in the overhead view you can find events such as shipwrecks, treasure chests, floating crates, and ships in need of help. Your choices in these events affect your rewards and how the various factions perceive you.

Finding floating loot, the event choice UI, and finding a treasure chest.




In the coming weeks I'll be talking about more features such as the faction resources, the dynamic economy, the world map, and updates to battles!

Don't forget to sign up for the playtest - looking forward to seeing you on the high seas!

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