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Playtest open to everyone! Come and have some car fighting fun!

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Hi! How's everything? We are thrilled to share a piece of our work with you!

We have been working on this game for... how much? 3 years already? Wow!
And we got to a point in where I think we suffer "dev-blindness" (is that a thing?), we have worked so much time building the gameplay basis that we don't know what to improve anymore (before getting into the next big features).

So, we ask for your help!

What this is:
It's a playtest in where you can try the gameplay and the feeling of the basic core of the game.
For us is THE moment, because from here the game can really have a BIG turn focusing on what people want for games like this one :)

zoom in fight 1

The Playtest will be open for a week (10/13 to 10/20) and everybody from everywhere can freely join by clicking the "Request Access" button.

Inside the game we have some feedback buttons for easily helping!

You can try the game here: Store.steampowered.com

Thanks you so much and we hope you to have fun!

Esteban Pisera - Ramon Lezcano - Hernán Smicht

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