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Prepare for epic vehicle combat! In this Roguelike convoy game, expand, conquer warlords, seize resources, and RIDE ON to eternal glory!


GAME DESIGN documents will soon be released to the community. If you're curious or interested, you'll get to know EXACTLY what we're building!


Cars convoy

  • Primary weapon variety
  • Secondary weapon (missiles)
  • Dynamic Zoom
  • RAM damage
  • Speed boost
  • Command Orders
  • Upgrade cars and weapons
  • Collect Cars
  • Find skins
  • Expand your convoy


  • 2 fighting tribes w/ several cars and features each
  • 1 trading tribe w/ several shops
  • Environment destruction
  • 4 resources to obtain + credit coin + tech
  • Strategic levels
  • Eternal Ride


  • You lead a Convoy through the Desert.
  • You kill Warlords and Steal their Resources to Survive.
  • You improve and grow your Convoy. And kill more Warlords, and steal more and more Resources, and Ride Forever Eternal!

What do you mean by “Ride Forever Eternal”?

The game involves driving and battling through zones to gather enough resources to sustain your journey as far as possible, all while having a BLAST of fun. Creating a game that can be played "theoretically" forever might seem like a foolish idea, but somehow, it's working! (If not us, then who?)

This game is the result of collaboration among three industry colleagues, each with a background in different studios across various eras, some of which we share. We're devoting our spare time to this endeavor. Though it's a gradual process, it's unfolding beautifully.

Our goal is to create a genuinely enjoyable and scalable game that players can engage with over the long term. By continuously adding new content along the journey, we're crafting an experience that players can wholeheartedly immerse themselves in.


  • Models: Ramon Lezcano
  • Code: Esteban Pisera
  • GD: Hernán Smicht

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Level designing choices


Level edition

What's happening here, you ask? This is a level of CANNIBAL difficulty, rated at 1.
Now, for your choices in this level: it's a rather simple one, with a couple of ways to go.

The path splits in two, and you face a decision. You can either douse the fire blocking your way or engage in a fight with a swarm of enemies if you have the resources for it.

After that, you face another choice. You can either quickly smash through the blockade to make your escape or take on a second hidden swarm waiting at the exit. But remember, going back might lead you into the clutches of the previous swarm. Choose wisely, for survival is never guaranteed in the Wasteland.

Complete level creation

Here is another level divided in 3 parts

And the level test!

Player Feedback - What to Ask?

Player Feedback - What to Ask?


Doing playtesting and getting good feedback its hard, some advice here!

Using the Steam Playtest feature: freaking awesome!

Using the Steam Playtest feature: freaking awesome!


We have tried the Steam Playtest feature and we want to share the results with you!

Playtest open!!

Playtest open!!


Playtest open to everyone! Come and have some car fighting fun!

Demo for BETA testing on the works!!

Demo for BETA testing on the works!!


We are putting together a demo for beta testing soon AND it will be open to all players!!

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