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With our current releases being not that stable as they should have been, the current changes focus on stability. Well that does not detain us from adding more great features with unforeseen consequences... anyway have fun playtesting this.

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  • Replaced admin indicator icon with bold formatted player name
  • Connecting to a different mod will show an appropriate error message (was unknown map before)
  • Fix problems with multi tap detection
  • Player colors are now reverted after changing to a map which does not lock colors
  • Fixed floating point inconsistencies to reduce desyncs
  • Civilians now panic when in combat
  • Units with turrets are now displayed correctly when parachuting
  • Print the total number of values extracted from random number generator stream to sync report for debugging purposes
  • Allow strides for sequence definitions (if you don't want to use the full SHP animation length, optional)
  • Fixed issue with pinging the masterserver when dedicated machines did not show up until players connected
  • Fixed a crash when multiple clients on the same machine attempted to write replay files at once
  • Refactored palette remapping rendering code as a preparation for upcoming Voxel support
  • Fixed crashes when attempting to watch replays in non-RA mods
  • Added support for randomized weapon reports
  • Hotkeys are now user-configurable via settings.yaml and the GUI

New hotkeys:

  • Move viewport to selection (default: home or double tap group number)
  • Switch cursor to sell / repair / powerdown for Red Alert / Dune 2000

Red Alert:

  • Added Monster Tank Madness mission
  • Added Random Map button to the lobby
  • Added Crates on/off checkbox to the lobby
  • Gems are now rendered slate blue on the radar minimap
  • Added Mobile Gap Generator
  • Shroud creators now temporarily create shroud
  • Added support for Nyerguds music upgrade pack


  • Base defenses now do less damage to main base structures
  • Pillbox armor changed from wood to heavy
  • Construction Yard armor changed from heavy to wood with a health boost
  • Construction Yard sell ability removed to combat MCV crate exploit
  • Superweapons now have more health
  • Tanya no longer fires her pistols at main base structures
  • Tanya no longer has a C4 demolition cursor for barrels

Command & Conquer:

  • Removed custom build time for tiberium refinery to avoid desync crashes
  • Infantry detect cloaked units in adjacent tile
  • Airstrike cooldown time reduced to 3 minutes (from 4)
  • Explosions given names instead of just numbers.
  • Added some explosions that came with the game but were unused.
  • Slowed down structure building animations
  • Obelisk now AutoTargeted properly by units
  • Communications Center HP reduced so it can be nuked.
  • Airfield HP reduced so it can be destroyed by simultaneous airstrike + ion cannon.
  • Halved Chinook price from 1500 to 750
  • Reduced Helipad price reduced to 1000 (was 1500)
  • Changed sounds for cloaking and building destruction

In Soviet Russia bug hunts you!


As our content management system is currently breaking apart and DesuraNET staff might not authorize the files on time use those direct links for now:


Voxel rendering with shadows and improved lightning


For some reason that pic reminded me of Warcraft II... So awkward.

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You know what's funny about that? I believe it is/will be quite possible to re-create 'WarCraft 2' as an OpenRa mod... hmm... >_>

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I love Red Alert, and i'm glad to see that there is a Open version more updated of This AWESOME game, and not the f.. sh... that EA games made in the RA III...
Good luck with the game, i hope that we can play it soon :D

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Much much better, Thanks so much!

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