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We tried to implement Steam Controller to Orbiz and it doesn't need a big effort to did that, but it's still need a few tweek for the menu navigation.

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In our opinion, Steam Controller is a collest controller for PC gaming nowadays because you can set it depending on what game you play, but it only works on steam big picture for the setting.

Here we are, trying to playing around with it in Orbiz. Orbiz is a twin stick shooter game, if you want to play with it, you must set it first to the steam Big Picture (in case, your game is already being greenlit and you already implemented steam works sdk on your game), or you can watch this tutorial. The default setting of steam controller (the right touchpad) is a touchpad for mouse, you can change that onto joystick move. However, it doesn't need a big effort to did that if your game is already implement xbox 360 controller, but it's still need a few tweek for the menu navigation and the default setting when you play the game on steam. We will looking forward to messing around with steamworks sdk.

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