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Hello everyone! We have a new Poltergeist update! This time we will talk about some cool powers to use in-game. Possessions! Click here to read more.

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Hello again! Here we are with a new update for Poltergeist. These two powers are a favorite of ours and well, we think they look really cool n_n. They are possessions, and they are very powerful in the game.

First, there are the possessions you can make in normal objects. Depending of the level you are playing, some objects will be able to be possessed. They will start to levitate and fly across the room. This will scare not once, but twice to all characters in the area!

Here is an example of how to use the power n_n. (you can see as well even more powers to use, all of those buttons work... but we will reveal them in due time).

It looks really cool! (We think at least xD). This attack is extremely powerful to scare enemies twice. But there is even a bigger, stronger power. Possessing humans!

Humans, besides scaring twice in a room, will fly to a selected "area", and will scare everyone in each room the possessed human passes through. When arriving at the destination, it will again scare twice the people in the destination area! After she finishes being possessed, the character will flee by pure panic!

Wow! talk abut real scary power! This is a different power in the sense that it requires a second step to select the are you want the character to go. These mechanic is shared with the "Launch Object" power and the "Illusion" power (What are those? We will reveal them later on (~_^) ).

Well, here is a video following the previous one on how to use the "Possess Human" power n_n.

Of course, possession is limited and can only be applied to certain characters, like all of your powers in a standard level. But well, for us, these powers look really nice :D! And we still have more powers to show you. More characters and more levels as well. We will try to show them as soon as we can n_n.

We hope you liked this update of our game in progress, we are working as hard as we can to finish it as quickly as possible.

Well, thats all for now, see ya!

PD: For those who are asking why we only have girl sprites in the tests. Well, then thing is that this is the only character we have fully complete with all animations. We will start showing more characters soon! Poltergeist will have different characters depending of the time period you are playing in the house. So well, stay tuned for more n_n.


Looks neat, you should prb change format for videos, I was puzzled by previous posts where it said that it is a video, but is only displayed static image.

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edwood_grant Author

Hello! Thanks n_n. Well, you are totally right! The Html5 method is not a very good one. For some odd reason we haven't been using the video features of IndieDB. We have just updated the news so it uses the IndieDB system(which happens to be really nice). It should work much better now, and actually works as a video. In fact, We'll be updating the rest of the news with the new videos hehe ^_^.

Thanks for the heads up, we will keep updating our game regularly n_n.

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