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Don't just take my word for it. Check out what others are saying about PlanTechtor!

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Video Reviews

The reviews are starting to come in for PlanTechtor. These are some of my favorites so far. This way, you can stop listening to what I think about PlanTechtor, and instead take the advice of others :)

Marcus Valles

I really enjoyed watching this play through. He gets through the first world and really starts to dig deep into the game's features. It was fun to watch.

Sandora & Vlaeg VR

This is a great walk through for any German speaking players out there. Sandora plays through the first world, and is able to easily pick up the game's mechanics. Also, she is helping me to improve the German translations!

VR Martin

Here, VR Martin played a pre-release build of PlanTechtor. He was helping to test out the controller mappings for the recently implemented Windows Mixed Reality system. I am happy to say that he had fun, and it all worked well for him. Even though it was a pre-release build; it was pretty close to the final product.

Man of the Antz

This is one of the longest video reviews out there for PlanTechtor. He spends quite a bit of time exploring the features and sharing his thoughts. It was fun to watch him start to explore weapon loadouts and discover his own builds.

PlanTechtor is available now on Steam
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