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This is my 2D/Pixel RPG game that is also a romance!

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This is my 2D/Pixel RPG game that is also a romance!


Mondealy is about you building relationships and exploring the world. An ordinary guy from an ordinary town on an ordinary day uncovers the secrets of an extraordinary underground kingdom located under his home. Your adventure begins!

  • Romance and dating
  • Deep, flamboyant, and sexy characters
  • Choices and consequences
  • Progression and skill system
  • Main quests and side activities

Assume the role of Michael - just an ordinary guy who managed to discover the pathways leading under his hometown, right into the unexplored underground kingdom of Dargratt. By a strange set of events and coincidences, Michael meets the royal family, now it’s up to them to decide what is going to happen with him next…

Future plans:

I'm focused on The Prologue now. Planned Release Date: 2021. Don't know the exact date but steam page is already done, which means you can Wishlist and follow!
I would appreciate it, really.

After The Release of the prologue i will decide what i should change or add. Or might be remove something from the game. Will see.

As for the release of the full version. Planned Release Date: 2022

This is all the information I have. If you have any questions, please join The official Discord!

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