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Welcome to the "November" update of Pioneer folks. The dev team have gone above and beyond the call of duty this month! Just check out that juicy change log below...

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For November 2015. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • New random number generator! (#3485)
    • More moons for Jupiter, and a low Earth orbit station (#3503)
    • Three new faction specific police ships, and new crimes added (#3254)
    • Three new faction specific fuel clubs (#3504)
    • All stations now have a Tech Level, in range 1-12 (#3505)
    • Compact Use Equip Widget (#3507)
    • Normal Mapping for objects (ships, stations etc) (#3515)
    • Make Autosave optional (#3518)
    • Show stable Lagrange point in system view (#3536)
  • Fixes

    • Fix stations placed on top of each other (#3498)
    • Updated premake script to generate usable CodeBlocks project (#3521)
    • Fix negative latitude longitude issue (#3531)
    • Fix AIWarning giving the wrong errror msg (#3532)
    • Fix strings not in translation system (#3538)
    • Lagrange Points in turquoise-ish (#3539)
    • Fix the broken win32 cross compile (#3542)
    • Fixed XCode Project file (#3540)
    • Fix cockpit loading (#3546)
  • Internal Changes

    • All crime handling moved to Lua (#3254)
    • CargoRun missions first unload all mission cargo (#3510)
    • Change OpenGL Extensions from Compatibility to Core (#3514)
    • Direct buffer population (#3513)
    • Deprecate Visual Studio 2013 (#3519)
    • Updated vs2015 libraries and DLLs (#3520)
    • Clang warnings (#3524)
    • Clean up OpenGL pollution (#3526)
    • Fix the last real Clang warning (#3528)
    • Delete Form/FormController, which are no longer used (#3533)
    • Minor code cleanup (#3545)
  • Also a special note: It has been reported that this pioneer build might hit some runtime errors on some system setups. The advice of the dev team is that if you do encounter this (I didn't) is to delete all the sgm files you find in the game's folders. Have a look at this thread over on the SSC for more details: Spacesimcentral.com

Finally some special news. Mac OSX builds are back! Grab that latest one (as well as builds for Linux 32&64 bit) from Pioneerspacesim.net

Thats all for this month folks, have fun out there! ;)

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