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Hi Folks! o/ Welcome to the last build of 2015. What a year for Pioneer, tons of new features added, more wonderful people joining the dev team and the game marches ever on. See you all again in 2016 and hope it's a great one for you all! :)

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For December 2015. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • PgUp/PgDn increments time acceleration (configurable) (#3544)
    • New-UI galactic view (#3549)
    • Search & Rescue mission script (#3529)
    • New config value UIScaleFactor to scale text and images in the UI (#3552)
    • Add return location to mission screen for Search & Rescue missions (#3570)
    • One button (F9) is sufficient for changing missile/scanner view (#3556)
    • Added pump down button to the EconTrade screen (#3567)
  • Fixes

    • Fix typo in language strings (#3382)
    • Fix crash upon illegal activity in uninhabited system (#3555)
    • Fix BBS icon for new S-R mission module (#3558)
    • Galactic view fixes (#3557)
    • Fix rounding of the 'heading' display (#3550, #3561)
    • Fix UI scaling for small displays (#3568)
    • Launch ship if necessary at start of AIDockWith (#3563)
    • Deimos Seed (#3572)
    • Flying empty fix (#3516)
    • Fixed translations for the names of the Galactic arms (#3566)
    • Fixed OS X 10.11 OpenSSL issue (#3579)
    • Remove incorrect assertion on max planet detail (#3577)
  • Internal Changes

    • Face parts (head/hair/eyes/nose/mouth) can now be non-gendered (#3548)
    • Face parts can now all be the same size to make alignment easier (#3548)
    • Added forgotten strings to translation system (#3551)
    • Minor code adjustment to make ccache effective again (#3562)
    • Remove the neighbour system from GeoPatch (#3569)
    • Make DetailLevel a class and initialise all members (#3575)
    • Improve the error message when a save game cannot be opened (#3578)
  • Also the Pioneer Scout Plus mod has a new build out for this month too! Grab that here: Space Sim Central.

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