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Hi Folks. Here is the change list for this month's Alpha from the Pioneer devs. Have fun exploring this massive game. :)

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The Pioneer development team are pleased to announce the release of
Pioneer Alpha 33. This release sees some new eye-candy: eclipses and
missile smoke trails. For modders, this release brings a simpler way to
define space station docking sequences, supporting stations with over
200 docking ports. Full changelog and builds for Windows, Mac OS X and
Linux (32 & 64-bit) are available from the homepage

New features

  • Czech language support (#2136)
  • Planets now cast shadows (ie, eclipses) on other planets (#1353)
  • Missiles now have smoke trails (#2154)
  • Station
    waypoints are now defined in the mesh themselves and dealt with in C++,
    and their docking bays can be grouped together (#2058, #2175)
  • The System View (F3, F6) now shows the player's current orbit (#2084, #2168, #2169, #146, #985)
  • The Sector View (F2) now has options to hide vertical lines and out-of-range system labels

Minor changes and tweaks

  • Clean up the Taxi, DeliverPackage and Assassination mission views (#2142, #2151)
  • Tweak Polish translation (#2167)
  • Gas giants now have a thin layer of atmosphere (#1788, #1395)


  • Fix hoop station unreliable docking detection (#2153, #2125)
  • Fix ground and "big_crappy" station docking detection (#2197)
  • Fix redscreen from TradeShips module when entering a system with only surface ports (#2172, #2171)
  • Fix object viewer crash (#2187)
  • Fix Lua console to allow continuation of incomplete commands (#2198)

Internal changes

  • Converted some remaining GL code to use the renderer interface (#2184)
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