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Today, we bring another main mechanic in our game. Ths time prepare to know the Lockpicking action.

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Hello again, welcome back for the 2º post about mechanics. You might have not seen the previous one (due to technical problems.

Check it here - Indiedb.com


Today we will talk about our 2º mechanic lockpicking, the ability to open things you should not be opening. This is a very old concept present in multiple games and filmes. It serves to crack safes, open doors or chests and much more. In our game you will use this ability to reach new parts of the prison, open small chests that may or may not contain items and more.

See how it is going to work

ezgif com gif maker 1

(Provisional art)

For now, contrary to most games we will not have a finite number of clips. You will only have one clip that never breaks. We choose to do it this way because locking for clips is not that funny nor is the objective of the game.

So to compensate this, and since we are making an horror game, performing this action makes noise, this noise will attract the guards. So you can not take forever to open it. We will see if this makes it well balanced.

We are also thinking in creating levels of difficulty to the locks, easy, medium and hard. This is to create more diversity and increase the tension . The difficulties will change based on the amount of "sweat spot" area in the lock. Each lock is generated with a random position in witch it opens it. The harder the lock, smaller the area.




Screenshot 2022 04 08 at 17 35 1


That is it for today, thank you for reading our post and keep tune for more content next week. Don't be afraid of giving us feedback or ideas.

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