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A new alpha demo of Phil's Adventure will be released soon and a lot has happend since the last one was uploaded. I want to give you some short impressions of what has changed.

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Since the last demo many improvements were made. Let's check out some of the new features!

Pause Screen

One major improvement is regarding the pause screen. If you pause the game, the amount of coins and enemies left in the level will be displayed.

New Pause Screen

This information can be quite usefull, since interesting things can happen, if you manage to kill all enemies or collect the coins.

Moving Platforms

No platformer is complete without moving platforms. Now you can find different moving platforms in Phil's Adventure.


BTW: If you want to know how I implemented moving platforms and other flying objects. You can find an example project for all this here:

Flying Platforms and Objects

Speech Bubbles

One of the biggest improvements is that Phil's Adventure now features a dialogue system with speech bubbles. Phil can now talk to his friends and they can give him hints or ask him for help.


New Enemies

I created several new enemies, some will make their way into the upcoming demo.

Angry Block

Big Guy

Blocks With Changing Visibility

The demo will feature three levels with new puzzles to solve. For this I implemented switches and blocks, which can change their visibility.

Unvisible Blocks

Unvisible Blocks

New Alpha Demo

Additional minor fixes were made regarding the camera, collision detection and the maps. You will be able to try out all the new features for yourself soon, since a new alpha demo is comming.

I hope you like the new features and will enjoy the new demo.

Have fun everyone!


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